ZRP Does Not Employ People With Disabilities: Maboyi

ZRP boss Matanga-Godwin
By Sheerlyeen Masuku  
Home Affairs  deputy minister Ruth Maboyi has said people living with disabilities could not be employed by the Zimbabwe Republic Police given the physical requirements of the job. 
Maboyi was responding to questions on Government’s recruitment policy of people living with disabilities into the police force in Parliament on Wednesday.
“The Ministry does not recruit people with disability because of the nature of training,” she said.
“There is a lot of vigorous training which includes running and exercises.
“What usually happens is that those who are disabled within the force are those who were injured during training or in accidents.
“These remain in the force and are given other duties like administration.”
Maboyi said the ministry had 112 officers injured on duty and were allowed to continue serving doing administrative work.
T Moyo urged the ministry to consider employing people living with disabilities.
“In my opinion, it is archaic and retrogressive to discriminate people who are disabled because the nature of crime these days is highly sophisticated,” he said.
“There is cyber crime which needs people who are ICT literate who can detect crime related to finances.
“We can have financial intelligent officers who can be recruited when they are disabled.”
In response Maboyi said the ministry was not discriminating against people with disabilities but the recruitment process was guided by mandatory physical tests which were necessary for everyone who wanted
to join the ZRP including support workers.
” The policy says you should be a person who is physically fit,” she said.
“I want to reiterate that we have people who are drivers and work in logistics who usually take deliveries to different stations.
“You will find that those people have been trained and we are not saying we are segregating by not taking the disabled.
“The first thing which we should consider is that when you become a driver, you have to go for training and we are talking of vigorous training where one can run up to 40km and that disabled person cannot do that.”
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