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Zimbabwean Murdered In SA #ZimbabweLivesMatter

The Late Billiard Tivaira

By Tavonga Tivaira Biological Brother

The Late Billiard Tivaira

We as the Tivaira Family based in Zimbabwe we are writing this story with a broken and heavy hearts.
We are narrating this story to the public with broken sorrows.
We are disturbed by the broad light brutal murdering of our relative/brother by the name Billiard Tivaira aged 45 years.
Billiard is a Zimbabwean who like any other Zimbabwean went to South Africa to find employment so that he can feed his family.
Unfortunately, his dreams were shattered on the 19th of February when he was kidnapped and murdered by some of the senior company employees who he had a heated dispute before the day of his murdering.

Flow of events.
1. Billiard was a crane operator who has worked at Pro Roof Group of Companies for over 3 years.
He work all days per week from 7am to 7pm in the evening accumulating a lot of overtime.
His seniors i.e. Site Manager Owen Human Resources Manager and Company Receptionist withheld money from his overtime and shared among themselves.

2. Billiard then received a tip off from a Good Samaritan one member of admin staff that his money was being stolen.
After hearing the news, on Thursday the 18th he went and face his seniors in a heated debate asking them why they were doing this.
On the same day he also made some shocking discoveries that the 3 culprits were hiding his permanent employment status which he had already received long back.
The permanent employment status was also associated with some benefits which these thieves were hiding and stealing.

3. After the altercation, Billiard threatened to go and see the directors/owners of the company.
In fear of losing their jobs, the 3 culprits managed to stand on his way and prevent him from seeing his seniors.
Instead, they planned his assassination in order to save their jobs and faces in front of the directors.
4. On Friday Billiard had contacted his wife that he was going to send some groceries and money to his wife in Masvingo and there was no any indication that he was sick. It was a normal day like any other day.
5. On Friday Billiard checked/clocked in using the fingerprint clocking device and go to work like anyone else.
Billiard loaded a truck which went for offloading at a distance of about 8kms.
Upon return, the truck driver failed to locate Billiard and asked his Supervisors/Managers who didn’t make any effort to give a convincing answer or care about the situation at hand.
The truck driver was surprised to see this kind of attitude from his seniors.
6. That same day, several employees started asking seniors where Billiard was and Owen the Site Manager lied that Billiard had gone to Zimbabwe.
7. On the same day, security made a report that there is one employee who didn’t clock out.
The site manager and his trusted lieutenants ignored; they never made a report to the nearest police station which was just a stone throw.

8. Billiard’s younger brother Mathew Tivaira(cell number (+27613257296-for more information) who is based in south Africa teamed up with other Zimbabweans and stormed company offices on Sunday.
At first they were denied access despite having a serious issue at hand.
After making a lot of effort they were later on allowed entrance.
9. They asked events which led to his disappearance. These senior Managers didn’t collaborate at all.
Relatives asked for CCTV footage upon realizing that the whole premise is covered by CCTV cameras.
The brutal management team refused to show the footage and gave silly excuses on that day.
Some members of the staff tipped his relatives that the footage was being edited and as a result the relatives rushed to the nearest police station and put a formal police report.

10. On Monday 21 February Investigations started, Police started to get involved, the dog unit was also called to help with the search. No evidence or corpse was discovered.

11. There was an area which was guarded/manned by security and doors of that area was closed.
No one bothered to ask for permission to enter and search. Only on Tuesday, Billiard’s young brother to be called and get advised about the bad news.
Billiard’s corpse was on that area which was guarded previous day.

Evidence to prove fowl play
• On the 19th, Billiard’s relatives in Zimbabwe tried to call Owen his site manager on the cell number (+27716797648) and his dropped his phone asking relatives not to bother him and disturb his sleep.
• The 3 culprits spread rumour that Billiard had gone to Zimbabwe despite being advised that he didn’t check out.
• The company didn’t use any resources or make any effort to search their missing employees. The company did absolutely nothing at all to show effort to look for the missing employee.
• No any formal report was even made to the internal company security, guards never get instruction or make effort to search for Billiard.
• The company did not report the case to the police since Friday when he went missing.
• Relatives were denied access to CCTV footage and up to now the company is refusing though there was a tip from members of staff that evidence was already tampered with.
• Pro Roof Group of Companies premises are secured with a big Durawall approximately 25 meters which is big enough to make it impossible to escape through the Durawall. The only place of exit was the main gate where there is a clocking devise and CCTV camera’s plus security. This security mode there proved that the missing Billiard was in the company premises despite his company’s reluctance to look for him.
• Upon receiving pressure from relatives, Billiard’s body was discovered on the 23rd of February at a place where was heavily guarded the previous day. The place is too open that it’s not possible for employees not to see a dead body.
• The body had already started to decompose a sign that it was smuggled to this site for cover-up.
• Employees confirmed that the smell came all of a sudden after a vehicle covered with canopy left the place. The vehicle belongs to Owen the site manager.
• The body was found near a toilet a place where all employees frequently go all the time during the day and could not see the body only waiting for 8pm on Tuesday 23 February when the corpse was dumped.
• Up to now relatives are denied access to the company owners or his representatives despite clear cut evidence that this death occurred on company premises.

The place where the body is said to have been dumped

• Billiard’s family might not have resources or capacity to fight the company and management team in court but they wish if resources and support could permit, they wanted justice to be done on this case.
• Lives of most Zimbabweans are lost daily in South Africa and there is no effort which has been made to make South African authorities account for all these deaths.
• One of the security guard made a joke that at the company the death of a Zimbabwean had the same value like that of a cockroach. Instead, he said why don’t you guys go back home if you feel you are being mistreated here.
• It’s sad that some institutions in South can be barbaric without any fear of the repercussions.

Billiard survived with a wife and 4 children. His family is waiting that their father is going to come back home without knowing that there brutal and selfish managers at Pro Roof Group Of companies. We will make Pro Roof Customers aware of such an event.
A Story writer, Tavonga Tivaira.
Name: Tavonga Tivaira
Relationship: Biological brother.
Cell: +263772 770 773
February 2021.
Company details;
Company Name: Pro Roof Group of Companies,
Contracted by SA steel mill,
Company Business: Steel Mill Company,
Town Mayerton/Vereeniging,
Province: Gauteng
Site manager (Owen cell number +27716797648

Robert Tapfumaneyi