Zim Rutendorwashe To Host A Global Edition


By Rutendorwashe Mutsamwira


I am delighted to share that I landed my first international role as host and producer of the Meet The CEO franchise on DSTV’s channel 319 in partnership with @hstvlivezim.


I will be anchoring the Global edition where I will be sharing the lessons, hopes and aspirations from CEOs and heads of institutions from the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia.


This milestone is in honour of both my parents and siblings who have never stifled my creativity or dreams. They have sowed into my life and sacrificed so much for me to be the woman I am today and for that I pray God not only blesses them, but grants them more life.

God brought this wonderful surprise and platform at a time I least expected it and I am humbled that He trusts me to steward this role, platform and audience. Munamato wangu ndevekuti vose vachaiona vagoone hukuru hwaMwari, mbiri yese ichienda kwavari.

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Robert Tapfumaneyi


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