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Zim Gaduate Now A “wastepreneurs” Makes A Living



By Elizabeth Nyaguyo


A 22-year-old Warren Park graduate Hilary Mupezeni is earning a living out of selling empty plastic bottles



Hillary could not find formal employment after graduating and had decided to turn waste into wealth.


In an interview with Sly Media, he said the current situation demands one to be business minded and to know that there are limited jobs out there.



“I am a graduate who graduated at a recognized University but I have struggled to get a job so I began to collect used bottles in streets until I earn money to start buying used bottles from others who were picking as well,” said Hilary Mupezeni.



He said he has made enough to be able to buy the used plastic bottels and resale them to different companies.



“These bottles I buy from people I usually sell them to different companies such as Tregas and others are individuals.”

“Some of these bottles I sell them to those companies I cannot mention here that manufacture plastic pipes.”


He also said that he employed a young woman he works with.


” I employed a young woman whom I work with she is a single parent and she is taking care of her two children from this business,” he said.



Mupezeni said that he is looking forward on purchasing a house and a lorry so that he can start operating at from business-like place.



“There are individuals like one white man in Musasa who had a steel company he does not come here but I have to deliver his bottles using my transport and it’s a challenge because I have to hire using my money,” he said.


“I am planning to buy a house and a lorry so as to deliver my bottles to my customers.”


Mupezeni said he has specific bottles he picks and sale.



“When it comes to buying of my bottles from people, I have specific bottles I buy like those of Maheu and cans not 5litre bottles because they do not have a market,” Mupezeni said.



“I am taking care of my family out of this job despite that some people laugh at me mostly my friends that a graduate is making a living out of buying and selling of used drink bottles.”


Robert Tapfumaneyi