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Zhuwao Divorce

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By Jason Zhuwao


Statement of divorce


Thank you now for your love and understanding with the news that Lorraine and I have decided to go our separate ways.



After careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways ending our marriage.



In view of the circumstances that have arisen owing to differences between ourselves on a number of issues in recent times, we have mutually agreed that a separation would be best for each of us.


I wish her only the best as she ventures towards new horizons.



I part from my wife with no recriminations.


By Maynard Manyowa


I first met Cde Jason Zhuwao well over a decade ago. He was humble, polite, soft spoken, eager to listen and engage and extremely passionate about people and welfare.



In the years that followed, he became first a friend and then a brother. We fought many times here on social media, especially about policy and Zimbabwe, but in private we remained family.


When my first born son Ano was born in 2012, Jason was among the first to congratulate me. He even wanted to travel to Zvishavane to see the baby but work got in the way.



When I fell into trouble, it was Jason and Hon P Maziwisa who picked me up and raised me. 2014, 2015 and much of 2016 they stood with me.



When I fell into trouble and left Zimbabwe for self imposed exile because of my journalism work, Jason stood and stuck by me. If I was in Zim and in trouble himself and his uncle Robert Zhuwao always came through.


I know Jason personally and zvekudaro. My heart sank today when I read of the decision mainini Lo and him have made.



But what hurts the most is the glee in people’s faces. Jason loves and will always love Lorraine. They have kids. Adult couples can separate but that is no license to invite glee and abuse.


Jason is legit a nice gentleman whom am proud to call a baby brother. He is responsible and caring; towards everyone – and if you doubt me just inbox him!

Sometimes we pretend as if there is no life outside social media. We are crude, abusive, vile and daft. We forget that munhu wese anobva kune vanhu vanotorwadziwawo pavanoona zvamunoita izvi.


Funny thing is if we dragged ana amai venyu me hanzvadzi dzenyu dzakatiza dzimba munochema and pano – but maybe that is why ya’ll rejoice – munoda nhamo dzevabereki venyu dziwire vamwe kuti mozoti tafanana! Mxm!



It is sad that Zimbabwe has been reduced to this cesspit of abuse, slander, gossip, glee and buffoonery! We would be dangerous if we were not stupid, petty and full of envy!


To J and Mainini. We respect you. Today. Tomorrow. And even if you ever change your minds. Life is life.


You are in my thoughts, and those of sensible people. You shall be Ok


Robert Tapfumaneyi

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