ZCTU Calls For Socio-Economic And Political Liberty

Peter Mutasa
Peter Mutasa ZCTU president

By Tafadzwa Mutsotso.

The Zimbabwe Congress Of Trade Union (ZCTU) president Peter Mutasa said the trade union has so far developed a brand which is aimed to advocate for political and socio-economic justice despite the obstacles.

Mutasa said this during an online address to thousands of workers on the commemorations of the International Workers Day with some little activities having been decentralised across all districts due Covid-19 restrictions.

In his address said Mutasa advises all workers to be united and not to lose hope regardless of the circumstances around them.

“The ZCTU has built a brand around fighting for political, economic and social justice and shall continue in that direction regardless of manmade or natural challenges,” Mutasa said.

“Faced with bleak and socio-economic environment, workers need unity and hope to strengthen their resistance in facing the current obstacles.”

Mutasa said workers should reflect and look back at how they fought against a brutal regime of Robert Mugabe and they should be inspired by people like Morgan Tsvangirai, Benjamin Burombo among others.

“The political, economic and social situation in this country has not been friendly to the workers since the 80s.It had become worse ever since the 2017 coup,” said Mutasa.

ZCTU celebrated the day under the theme’ ZCTU @40 fighting for political, economic and social justice in Zimbabwe as it is also celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Mutasa said the theme is directed to address all the challenges faced by workers and also to rectify the flaws that the organization has been doing in the past 40 years.

The May Day is an international holiday which is observed on May 1st and marked a public holiday in over 80 countries.

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