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Zanu PF’s Crying Doctor Stabbed In South Africa




Doctor Patrick Mugoni famously known for wiping at Zanu PF Mnangagwa led rally was nearly killed in South Africa.



Posting on his twitter handle Mugoni also asked for prayers to get well soon



Below is his post



“I have been inundated by enquiries in my DMs and WhatsApp inbox.


“Allow me set the record straight, on the 9th of January 2022 I was attacked and sustained Abdomino thoraco stab wounds after which I went through multiple surgeries.


“I have suffered PTSD , it feels like the Experience is a part of me , that Iam bound to it and will be affected by its power forever.


“However, thanks to the latest neuroscience, coupled with ancient ideas and methods. Following weeks of deliberate practice to unlock the psychological chains which binds me to my past , Iam finally winning the fight , thanks to the unrelenting efforts from the competent multidisciplinary team that has been attending to the task.


“When I look at my life iam a living testimony. God is great , he has been faithful to me .


“I will, in due time, share the details of the events leading to and the attack itself. Currently iam unable to because the matter is before the courts


Nursing these injuries, mum has stage 4 breast cancer , indeed we can ,by intentionally choosing our goals, naming our starting point accurately, and committing to work within a framework, We can live lives that consistently move in a direction of our country’s highest end.



“We forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, we forgive because we deserve peace. The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. True Forgiveness is when u can say “Thank you for that experience

Robert Tapfumaneyi