Zanu PF Says MDC Alliance Spreading Fake News Of Mini-Skirt Ban




“The Revolutionary Party Zanu PF distances itself from circulating fake news saying the Party is lobbying or mooting for the disbandment of mini-skirts and trousers for women,” Moyo said.



“The fake news whose origins has been traced to an NGO allied to the opposition parties reflects the views of that organisation and its handlers who have no respect for women, women’s rights and our culture.”



It is therefore ridiculous that a giant mass Party formed and existing on the shoulders of an empowered Women’s League can be attributed such trivia on dressing.


“The false story reflects a new low for the MDC Alliance. Zanu PF reminds political players that fake news in the name of our leadership or party as part of the so-called misinformation and disinformation agenda shall never salvage their falling political fortunes nor heal their factionalism and splits.


“The people know very well, what Zanu PF, the Party of the masses stands for because it is theirs and in no way can they be misled by these desperate fake news peddling.”


“what is indeed disturbing and heartless is that such fake news is being generated in the name of our Acting National Commissar, Cde Patrick Chinamasa by heartless MDC Alliance groups at the time when Cde Chinamasa is indisposed and recovering at home following an accident recently.


“The shameless levels of depensation reflect the immaturity, childish mentality, and an uncultured disposition in the MDC Alliance.


Surely the opposition malcontents have become heartless lost minds and need our prayers and sympathy and not ridicule.”

Robert Tapfumaneyi

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