Zanu PF Reversing The Land Reform: Mliswa

Temba Mliswa

By Zandile Tandi

Independent and controversial Norton legislature, Temba Mliswa has castigated the party for being persecutors of its citizens.

Mliswa was angered by the Local Government Minister July Moyo last Friday who issued Statutory Instrument (SI) 50 of 2021 (Communal Land Setting Aside of Land (Chiredzi, Notice 2021), to forcibly remove villagers and make way for a Lucerne Grass farming project in Chilonga, Chiredzi.

Recently Mliswa posted on twitter saying that “12, 000 people are being removed for what? For 1 white man, what national project are we taking of here?. Spiritually it becomes difficult to govern the country when such prevails peoples’ tears aren’t good”, posted Mliswa.

“No one wants to support a system that persecutes people. The whites are having a party in Zimbabwe with the second Republic. They’re making more money than everybody. We’re witnessing the reversal of policies and empowerment in their favour “

Tendai Biti MDCA Vice President reacted and posted on his twitter that “What is the policy that has been used by the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works to take away communal lands and giving it to Dendairy who are white people?”

The question that many are asking is that “Will 12500 families be compensated by the government during this relocation? Doubt is cast over this arrangement citing the Tokwe Mukosi scenario where some were left out stranded with nothing after they were moved to pave way for the construction of this dam.

Information says that Lucerne once established, the plant has good drought tolerance and is well suited to irregular rainfall patterns, which will suit the lowveld of Chiredzi but it will appear to go dormant during extended dry periods.

Lucerne can provide a high quality feed for livestock and improve animal health reduce groundwater recharge and help to alleviate the effects of salinity even out seasonal livestock feed for Dendairy and produce fodder opportunistically out-of-season and also improve soil fertility and structure, reduce weed burden and manage herbicide resistance for cropping

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