Zanu PF Is A ‘Violent’ Party

Temba Mliswa

“They cannot be arrested even if they indulge in criminal acts is the message. It’s a known fact that

@ZANUPF_Official is a violent party. That makes today a black day.
The Motlanthe recommendations are yet to be implemented and yet we are going even lower in standards.
This is scoring an own goal. Most of the decisions by government are emotive and they don’t work. Police defend each other, you beat one you are up against all. This is bad and wrong on many levels.
The violence that is happening in this country requires a government that responds sincerely. The ruling party itself is at the centre of it and it needs to stand up and shun it. Now we have teachers unleashing violence on students. Mwana anoitawo sekuita kwababa vake.
The violence is manifesting in different spheres of life and  ZANUPF_Official  needs to put that to an end. It is failing to discipline itself.
As for the  mdczimbabwe   violence in Masvingo     ZANUPF_Official       says it’s stage-managed. So we need proof that it’s indeed fake.
@ZANUPF_Official     has a history of violence and no-one believes their statements. The President is a democrat and being a lawyer, the current violence by     @ZANUPF_Official      supporters does not augur well for him nor the Second Republic.
Robert Tapfumaneyi