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Zanu PF Activists Demonstrated Against Sanctions At US Embassy

Sanctions must
Sanctions must

By Zvikomborero Machirori


Local anti-sanctions lobby group Broad Alliance Against Sanctions (BAAS) members Tuesday demonstrated at the United States of America Harare Embassy calling for the removal of sanctions which were imposed America and its allies.





At least 20 marched in front of the US Harare Embassy gate.




In an interview with Sly media Sally Ngoni the co-founder and spokesperson of BAAS said that they will keep on fighting until America removes the sanctions she imposed on Zimbabwe.




“The truth is that Americans are very stubborn, they have an agenda but that will not tear us, we will keep on fighting until they remove these sanctions,” she said.




According to Sally their voice are being heard far and wide as some African leaders are now calling for the removal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.



“In the past you will realize that some leaders were quite about Zimbabwean sanctions, but off late everyone is saying Zim sanctions should be removed.




“So, we cannot really say we are losing this war but we are slowly succeeding” she added.




Dr Obert Kunze who is a board member in BAAS also said there is a hope that these sanctions will be removed.


“There is a lively hope that they will change and they will change and they should change, we are our own liberators” he said.



Pretty Maseko who has been camping at the American embassy for the past 3 years said that she hoping that these sanctions will be removed one day because at some point they were not even allowed to cross to the American embassy side but now they are allowed to walk through that side.




“We have hope that they will remove these sanctions because back then we were not allowed to cross the road to their side or to walk at that side.




“They told is that there are in America and we are in Zimbabwe but nowadays they just leave us walking at that side” she said.



The BAAS members have been camping opposite the American embassy for 1298 days.




Robert Tapfumaneyi