YAD Request Sources Of POLAD Vehicle Funds


By Primrose Tagutanadzo


YAD, an organization promoting youth participation in electoral process has requested information regarding the sources of funds used to buy vehicles allocated to Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) members.


This follows the handing over of 19 cars to POLAD members by President Emmerson Mnangagwa has earlier this month to use during the 2023 campaigns and elections.


In a statement, Musiyambiri YAD director said Zimbabwean citizens had the right to access to any information held by the State or by any institution or Government agency as far as it is required in the interest of the public accountability.


“Information about where the POLAD funds were withdrawn is meant to fulfill human rights because every human has rights to administrative conduct that is lawful, prompt, efficient, reasonable, proportionate, impartial and both substantively and procedurally fair,” he said.


“The constitution provide values and principles governing public administrations and it lays out the financial management system,authorizationof expenditure and safegaurding of public’s funds and property.”


“It is the responsibility of the ministry of finance to inform us because the constitution also mentions that people’s needs must be responded within a reasonable time.”



Robert Tapfumaneyi


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