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Women Who Used To Beat Their Husbands Embrace NAC’S Start Awareness Support Action Programme


By Elizabeth Nyaguyo

Women in Shamva district Mashonaland Central province particular Jiti area have welcomed a new program the Start Awareness Support Action (SASA) in an effort to reduce the cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and HIV.



The model programme was adopted from Uganda.



Information available from the Ministry of Women Affairs in 2019 shows that Shamva had 536 cases of GBV and in 2021 it rose to 1 315 cases.





Speaking during a media tour in Shamva, several women expressed their gratification to the National Aids Council (NAC) for introducing the SASA programme in their area since it has helped them to start respecting their husbands.





“I was a bad wife before because I used to beat my husband in front of the children to an extent that the children ended up respecting me not their father.




“I was very violent to my husband he used to run away after seeing me because each time we meet l make sure that I humiliate him for him to notice my presence because he was not employed.





“But after the SASA champions visited me at my house they taught me about the SASA programme and I agreed to be part of it then l started receiving some lessons on the effects of GBV until I restore the dignity of my husband,” said Tambudzai Muhomba.




Another woman who was also a perpetrator of GBV Tabeth Mumvuri before the SASA was introduced in Shamva testifies how she was assisted to make amends with her husbands after putting her through a lot.



“As for me I used to beat my husband because when I was still young I used to think that a man is supposed to be taking care of the family without fail so my husband by then he was not working so it was violence after violence.



“With the Introduction of SASA into our area now I am a good wife my husband now has his respect that he deserves because I got so many lessons on how to stop GBV and leave well with my husband.



“My husband is excited about this program because if brought peace into our house and he does not want me to miss even a single lesson,” she said.



The District Aids Coordinator (DAC) Shephard Ziramwa said that they introduced this programme to fight both GBV and HIV cases among the people in the area.

Robert Tapfumaneyi