Women Embrace The African Print Regalia Craze


By Beatrice Marowa


One of ways in which a people’s culture is depicted is through their dressing.

Societies have always impacted on the way people dress especially women and, in some instances, dictated what is deemed acceptable or immoral.

The evolving society has enabled women to outshine the way they dress.

Take it from way back from elder women used to wear traditional waist wrappers popularly known as maZambia as a form of representing culture.

Also this type of dressing was usually worn during traditional ceremonies like lobola, weddings, and funerals.

With all that being said, it can be concluded culture was not an everyday function.

The 21st century has however changed certain perspectives that our elders had about culture especially on women.

Women now have a variety of choices when it comes to deciding on dressing through which they express their identities.

This has resulted in different styles of dress worn to express women’s cultures and influence.

From the choice of fabric, print and design women are not short of choices.


“The change has been brought about by global developments, both economical change and a communication change,” said Roger Gerards, creative director at Vlisco, one of the world’s biggest producers of African fabric.

The array of African pribt fabric has brought out the beauty and confidence of women. Women are now able to walk in pride because of the new trend of stylish African material inspired outfits.

Women parade themselves on media platforms in their outfits.

“People see other countries and other cultures more easily than 20 years ago because of social media,” Gerards added.


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