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Love & Scandals

Woman Bemoan Six Years of Sexual Starvation




By Elizabeth Nyaguyo

Traditionally, when people get married, it gives them express access to conjugal rights no matter the circumstances as it is believed that it is the only way to strengthen the union.




Society demands that there are no reasons to be given for denying one these rights.




However, the story somewhat different for a couple that had to approach Chief Nyamaropa after the wife filed a case against her husband, who she said was starving her sexually for six years.





The woman, Kudakwashe Chainzwa, expressed grief as her 35-year-old husband Conwell Kutyauripo denied her sex for close to 6 years on reasons that he will be at work in Harare while his wife stays in the village.




In an interview with Sly Media News, Chainzwa reiterated that the two last had a pleasurable and satisfying s*x encounter some years ago.




“It is now 6 years and I cannot remember when last my husband and I had enjoyable s*x because he is always in Harare and rarely comes back home.




“Chief, recently he came back to the village and we had a huge fight that night. We tried being intimate but I could tell that it was not real because after 6 years, we had s*x for 30 minutes and he did not orgasm. Nothing came out,” she complained.




“That s*x was not pleasurable, honestly because i was not enjoying it. After the fight, we went straight into it without any form of romance. Imagine, after 6 years of starvation,” the laments continued.





She added that her husband was not playing his fatherly role mostly to his children in the village.




“This man here is not playing his role as a father. How can a father give his child who is traveling for a trip 200 bond? I have another child who he stays with in Harare, a girl child for that matter and he does not allow her to come and visit me here in the village why?” she asked.




In direct rebuttal to the accusations strewn at him, Conwell Kutyauripo said, ”How can I give her s*x when she does not want to come and stay with me in Harare where I stay. That is not my problem. As for the child that I stay with she cannot come to the village during the holidays because she is always going for extra lessons.”




He added,
“When my Form 3 child I stay with requests money for her sanitary wear, I always provide for her. It is sad that my wife took the other kids by force because I was living with them in Harare. She brought them here in the village.”
said Kutyauripo.





In giving his verdict, Chief Nyamaropa told the couple to bring reports in the next two weeks on how they plan on improving their marriage.


Robert Tapfumaneyi