Witchcraft… Myth or Reality?


By Fadzanai Shumba

Murehwa: Witchcraft beliefs continue to constitute an endearing and enduring aspect of the social life in Zimbabwe.

This has resulted in the mushrooming of churches purporting to be specialising in delivering people from evil spirits.

Every week these churches are packed with congregants seeking help.

Speaking to SlyMediaNews, some residents in Murehwa said they did not dismiss the existence of witchcraft.

Melody Mahuche said some people driven by greed and jealousy ended up practising witchcraft.

“Witchcraft exists; personally l experienced it last year when l got sick and no medication was of use to me until l was helped at a local church,” she said.

“It was revealed that the mysterious illness was caused by a close relative who wanted to avenge my father who had not helped him when he wanted money.”

Chido Tarehwa said she was a victim of witchcraft practices.

“One day whilst walking from school when I was in Grade Six l saw a mysterious duck and upon setting eyes on it l was not able to breath properly and the duck had attacked me,” she said.

“I fell sick and could not attend school for two years until I went to look for help at a certain white garment church.

“I was told that there were marine spirits that had been cast on me by my grandparents who wanted me to join their evil cult.”


Robert Tapfumaneyi


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