Will Tsvimbo Of Former President Make You Win Elections?


By Sheryleen Masuku

A war of words has erupted between Zanu PF loyalists and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s critics on social media platforms following allegations that the current wants to exhume the late president Robert Mugabe’s body for superstitious beliefs.

Zanu Pf loyalists yesterday breathed fire on the Mugabe re-burial saga with Mnangagwa’s right hand man threatening to sue the SABC for interviewing Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao, while other senior party officials belittled the late Mugabe, whom they once served, saying they do not need a useless sceptre from a little old man.

Information Ministry Secretary Nick Mangwana, came under fire from Zimbabweans over derogatory comments that he made on Twitter about the late President Robert Mugabe.

“Saka kachekulu kaiita zvesvimbo? Iyi svimbo yaiva useless paEconomy” (So the little old man had a sceptre. A sceptre which was useless for the economy).

“Lol. Kakambenge kaiwana kupi?” (Where did he get it?) he said on Twitter.

Tafadzwa Mugwadi, Zanu PF director information also took to micro blogging site Twitter and threatened to sue South African Broadcaster (SABC) for spreading what he calls fake and offending news about Zimbabwe.

“SABCNews desperation to spread fake news reaches shocking milestones, inviting a pornstar Patrick Zhuwao of Mozambican descent to lie that Robert Mugabe was buried with something that President Mnangagwa wants to win elections in 2023. What voodoo newsroom in 21st Century?”

He accused the SABC of xenophobia and being sponsored to tarnish Zimbabwe’s image.

“SABC News is running a sponsored agenda to damage Zimbabwe’s image and present it as a banana republic.

This is xenophobic and we are tired of these hypocrites. We will consider writing to relevant authorities to register our complaint. ZBC News has never done that to South Africa”.

Mugwadi rubbished allegations that President Mnangagwa wanted to exhume Mugabe’s remains in order to win the 2023 elections.

“If bones of former Presidents make you win elections, who is using the bones of Cde Nelson Mandela? Just ask!”

Mugwadi went on say that Zanu PF does not need the bones of Robert Mugabe to win any election.

“To do what with those bones? Please help us understand here. Do you use Tsvangirai’s bones in the opposition? If bones were that useful, I am sure there are bones of late cadres from 1st to 2nd Chimuremga that could have been used not these ones. Let our founding father rest please”.

Patrick Zhuwao did not respond to the attacks on social media but instead re -Tweeted Mugwadi’s comments.

In his interview with the SABC Zhuwao alleged that Mnangagwa was plotting a bloody election in 2023 and wanted to exhume his uncle’s body in search of a mystic sceptre.

He said Mnangagwa wants to use the sceptre to convince his followers that they will receive spiritual protection against avenging spirits (should they commit violence).

A picture of Mnangagwa carrying a traditional scepter has since gone viral on social media with his critics saying it was taken in Matabeleland during the Gukurahundi era which claimed thousands of lives.


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