What Is A Gamba/Iqhawe (Hero or Heroine)


By Akson Potera Concerned Citizen

The sake of minimising the number of words and many languages usage, I will use the word Hero for both sexes.

Hero literally means a brave fighter.

But to be precise a hero is semoone who is renowned for a particular helpful or crucial work at Communal, National or International level.

Heros may be called icons, legends or champions.

The unfortunate situation is that heroes are accorded such iconic respectful stata after death.

I tried to research why heroes are not given or accorded that status during their life time ie after a certain period of doing the brave or helpful and recognisable work.

No concrete evidence came to the fore.

Another issue that my research found is that there are no national set standards that confine one to be a hero.

Hero determination factors are as follows:

1. Politcs
2. Culture
3. Religion
4. Sacrificial death (eg Jesus).
5. Economic or Business.

Many people throughout the world have died for or in different fileds of work which earned them the hero status.
Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Martin Luther, etc.
I dont think such heroes are recognized in Zimbabwe excep poitical heroes.

For now, my focus is on who is a national hero? How and why should they be declared national heroes?

Zimbabwe is undoubtedly a multinational party though some have tried to make it a *one party* state but dismally failed.

Ironically, national hero status is decided by a poltical party which is totally wrong, unconstitutional and undemocratic.
Political hatred and love is the principal determining factor whether one should or shouldn’t be a hero.

Allowing a party to decide who should qualify to be a hero is painfully an oppressive act.

*Heroes must be decided by a parliament panel or committee or portfolio ir inclusivity.*
It those people have been found to have contributed to the nation either on the right or left hand of politcs, as long as they were fighting for a national admissible cause, they qualify for hero status.

It looks like Zanu pf was solely awarded a tender to determine who should qualify to be a hero.
There are people who define the two terms, nationalism and patriotism as love and loyalty to Zanu pf instead of Zimbabwe.

There are so many people who should have been accorded the hero status, one of them is Morgan Richard Tsvangirai and others from Zapu, MDC, ZUM and other political parties.

It seems Zimbabwe will or is divided into two states based on Democracy and Patriotism.
The parallelism between the two political giants in Zimbabwe is similar to Christians and Moslems in Nigeria, Sudan which splited into South and North and now slips into Mozambique.

This unrepentant political ideology of toal authoritarian leadership augmented by kleptocracy is one reason why most Ndebeles think of being independent hence the formation of Mthwakhazi Republic which has now a political arm called MRP.

Sooner or later Zimbabwe will be devided or be ungovernable.

I wish the current political leaders should stop to be living heroes of being dare and should slowly mutate to accommodate all Zimbabweans.
No leader is credited for causing problems and failing to solve them.
A leader should be renowned for providing solutions to the national problems.

The hidden heroes and heroines must be known and accorded the respect they deserve.

Robert Tapfumaneyi


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