What I Learn From Dr Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

By Nelson Chamisa MDC Alliance President


MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa

1.Always walk with the people.

2.Never abandon the base.

3.Consult,Lead by Consensus.

4.Embrace all trust little.

5.Loyalty is royalty. Always be loyal to the people and the cause.

6.Quash betrayal with the force of a hippopotamus.

7.Never reward rebellion.

8.Be simple and humble.

9.Never lead a one generation movement. Have an intergenerational consensus.

10.Remove them peacefully…

11.A marked man must always be a careful person/ A duiker can not go through a high density suburb or a hungry village..

12.The younger ones must ultimately take over.

Let all thorns be burned out of my life in the name of Jesus -Isaiah 10:17

Blessed Sabbath to you!

Morgan Tsvangirai
Robert Tapfumaneyi

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