We Will Not Relocate: Uzumba Residents As Their Land Is Allocated To The Chinese


By Primrose Tagutanadzo

Residents of Nzou area in Uzumba Ward have refused to relocate from their land which has been allocated to Heijin Company which wants to mine rocks.



Ward 14 councillor Fagio Zvondai Marowa confirmed residents received a letter from the company informing them to relocate to other areas because they wanted to do mine rocks.


He said other areas that were to be affected by the practice included Gotora, Chimina, Munyani and Mukanzi in Uzumba.


He said although the Constitution supported mining and states Government is the land owner, it must consider the livelihood of the people living in the areas.



Heijin said was it was the Government, councillors, chiefs and headmans’ responsibility to allocate land and to relocate the Uzumba residents.



Marowa said they had no idea where the residents were to be relocated to
In a statement, the Uzumba residents said the rock quarrelling will affect and destroy their infrastructures which includes schools, roads, houses, fields and pastures for their livestock.



They also said the graves for their loved ones would be destructed and they did not an alternative place to put their remains.


Uzumba residents called on Government to intervene.


Robert Tapfumaneyi

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  • There is a simple solution obviously the Hejin Company wishes to mine these areas where people live and have there livelihoods based .
    If the mining is to go ahead the government should have the mining company construct the necessary infrastructure on land assigned by the government then move the people into the new location and give them title to the property.
    This includes building schools shopping centers and providing infrastructure also relocating grave sites.
    The mining company is aware people live there and still wish to mine the site it is not unreasonable that they pay so as to receive a vacant site that will let them decide if the project is viable.
    Hopefully the government has signed an agreement as to the state of the land after the mining is completed

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