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We Are A Party Of Peace And We Say No To Political Violence





The CCC is a brand new, fresh, energetic movement that is open to all citizens. However, the leadership of the movement will be determined by the citizens who are at the centre of all decision-making. The citizen movement is currently under a caretaker leadership to steer the next processes on the building of structures, values, policies and strategy.




2022 is a year of Citizen Action for Change. The core business for every citizen is to mobilize, organize, recruit and conscientize for change. On the day of voting, all citizens must join the queue that will end all other queues. Let’s vote in our masses!




We are a party of peace and we say no to political violence. Rather, we believe in selling our vision for Zimbabwe. There must be a clash of ideas, values and policies. No person should be beaten or lose their life on account of politics. Zanu PF should stop using violence, torture and unlawful arrests to persecute CCC members. They must not abuse their power to ban CCC rallies or abuse state institutions.




ZEC must act constitutionally and reform or be disbanded. The 26 March by election will test ZEC’s readiness to conduct elections as we move towards 2023. ZEC has already exhibited worrying tendencies including the use of a discredited voters’ roll, a lack of transparency and the failure to consult stakeholders sincerely.


The citizens will vigorously defend the vote. Important lessons have been taken from the 2018 election and the citizens will have adequate polling agents and safeguards to guard against rigging.



We call for electoral reforms including respect for the right to vote including implementation of the diaspora vote. The right to vote must be facilitated through making voter registration accessible, simple and verifiable.


There must be a credible voters‚Äô roll and security of polling material. security of the vote and the voter ‚Äď dispute mechanisms. Polling staff must be credible and independent. There must be a credible results management system and media reform. State mouthpieces should desist from spewing propaganda and falsehoods as this leads to violence and the risk of genocide.





The CCC respects all traditional leaders and calls for Zanu PF not to offend the Constitution by abusing chiefs and traditional leaders to intimidate citizens or participate in vote-buying with food aid.






The welfare of war vets and war collaborators will be addressed once and for all to ensure closure and a decent pension for those who fought in the war of liberation.





The CCC espouses the values of the liberation struggle and will complete the important work that was begun by our liberators by bringing freedom to Zimbabwe. We are a continuation and punctuation of the liberation ideals.



The liberation struggle was not a party project but a national project. The liberation movement cannot be appropriated by a political party. Citizens were at the centre of the liberation struggle and we fought for Zimbabwe not Zanu PF.




We are a new party and our councillors are going to form the basis of delivery-centric local government. A CCC Government will give autonomy to local authorities. Central government will not interfere with the work of urban councils and rural district councils. We will implement devolution and ensure local communities benefit from the resources in their area. Executive mayors will be re-introduced.


Administrative functions like the processing of birth certificates, national identification cards and passports will be decentralized.




Government will respect property rights and focus on creating an entrepreneurial society. There will be a focus on value addition and beneficiation of local natural resources and raw materials. The currency will be the USD alongside a basket of currencies for a transitional period to allow for currency reform.



Once the macro-economic fundamentals have been addressed and there is economic stability, confidence, fiscal discipline and productivity, a sustainable local currency will be introduced backed by gold reserves and our natural resources.



Ours will be the strongest currency in the region and beyond. A CCC Government will implement investor-friendly policies and create a conducive environment for business, disband cartels, fight corruption and ensure politicians and cronyism do not hamper the smooth flow of commerce.


A CCC Government create jobs for young people so that they do not need to leave the country in a desperate search for opportunities.




A CCC Government will ensure that the dignity of workers is restored. Teachers, doctors, nurses, civil servants and all workers will be paid a living wage that will ensure they enjoy decent livelihoods.







The Communal Lands Act will be reformed to ensure that communities have security of tenure over their communal lands. There is no going back on the Land Reform Program. We commit to give title deeds to resettled farmers and undertake a deeper agrarian reform which prioritizes productivity and security of tenure.



The beneficiaries of the Land Reform program will be given title to their land. Extension services and There will be rationalization of farm holding to ensure that there is no multiple farm ownership. There will be reform to the Mines and Minerals Act to ensure that the mining sector is rationalized. We will address the forced displacement of citizens in Chilonga, Chingwizi, Chiadzwa and Dinde, among others.


The citizens’ right to ancestral land will be protected. We will implement a Land Relocation Policy that balances the citizens’ right to land and the public interest. The citizens will be consulted and adequately compensated before any relocation takes place.




A CCC Government will prioritize modernization of infrastructure in rural and urban areas including road rehabilitation, building and refurbishing schools, hospitals, bridges and rail networks. Public transport systems will be modernized to ensure they efficiently meet public demand.





In the new Zimbabwe, there will be a dedicated program of national healing, truth and justice for the Gukurahundi Genocide and past crimes against humanity such as Operation Murambatsvina.





President Chamisa has called for Zimbabweans to all join in a National Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace on the 23rd of March 2022 as we approach the 26 March By-Election.

Robert Tapfumaneyi