Vainona High School Students Barred From Attending Lesson For Failing To Pay Scholl Fees

Vainona students

By Tendai Mukaro

Vainona High School students are crying foul over their school’s decision to indirectly torture the underprivileged students who continue to come to school without paying school fees despite.

The torture comes following a two-week ultimatum given to parents to clear their arrears as most parents are failing to clear their 2020 school fees areas.

“They told us either not to come to school without clearing our fees or to bring our parents but, even if we bring our parents they still tell them that they need school fees and failure to do so they don’t accept us in classes, they keep us at the gate and at times it will be too hot such that some like me end up having headaches,” one student told

“They are punishing us for our Parents’ failure to pay school fees and I don’t think that’s fair because we haven’t been learning because of Corona virus outbreak, now still we are not learning because of school fees which will eventually be paid but, and we will not be able to turn back the lost days.

Addressing this same issue earlier this year, Primary and Secondary Education Minister, Cain Mathema said it is illegal for schools to chase students from attending lessons due to arrears.

“It is also illegal for schools to then bar pupils from school owing to non-payment of fees, school heads know all this and they know that the ministry has the power to close them if they ignore these directives,” Minister Mathema said.

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