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US$ 90 000 Stolen From Econet and WFP Warehouses


ZRP RoundUp

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is investigating a case of robbery which occurred at WFP Warehouse and Econet Warehouse, Bulawayo on 26/04/21 between 0000 hrs and 0300 hrs.

Six unknown men armed with two unidentified pistols stormed the premises and captured four guards before disarming the fifth one.

They stole US$90 094.00, ZAR153 385.14, P25 724.00, ZWL$855 174.64, a DVR for the CCTV from a strong room and a Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle.

The ZRP reiterates that members of the public must use authorised ports of exit and entry into the country and declare all goods procedurally.

On 24/04/21, two people were arrested for smuggling at Maziwa farm, Plumtree for smuggling 2 301 tracksuits, 403 fleece, 24 blankets, nine jackets and 39 pairs of shoes into the country.

Meanwhile, the goods were seized by ZIMRA.

Police warns members of the Public against smuggling goods into the country and entering or exiting through unauthorised points.

209 people were arrested for violating immigration laws on operation ‘No to Border Crimes/ Fhasi Ngamilandu Yamukanoni Yashango/ Mhosva Pamiganhu Ngadzipere/ Amacala Kawaphele Emingceleni Yelizwe’.

Since the onset of the operation on 07/01/21, 16 069 people have been arrested.

On 27/04/21, Police in Norton have arrested two suspects for cultivating several plants of dagga at Kent Estates fields Norton.

The plants of dagga which were about 2,5m in height were planted near a soya been field near the suspects’ homestead and some dried and processed dagga was also discovered.

The ZRP has intensified operation ‘Chikorokoza Ngachipere/ Isitsheketsha Kasiphele and No to Machete Gangs’. On 27/04/21, 121 arrests were made, bringing the cumulative arrests to 11 248.

Members of the public are warned from illegal mining activities throughout the country.

The ZRP reiterates that couples must seek counselling from elders or other persons when facing disputes.

On 26/04/21, a Hurungwe man (26) fatally assaulted his wife (16) with logs all over the body after accusations of infidelity.

Meanwhile, Police observed injuries on the body of the victim who was lying facing upwards with bruises all over the body in a pathway in the midst of village 7B Mauya fields. Investigations are underway.

Robert Tapfumaneyi

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