UK Conquers Covid-19 3rd


By Tafadzwa Mutsotso

Threats of a devastating third Covid 19 wave which seems to have hit India has been contained in Britain, an official has said.

Professor Neil Ferguson from Imperial College London said the data gathered on deaths and cases was very encouraging.

“The United Kingdom is on track to returning to a normal life by summer,” said Ferguson.

Speaking during a programme on BBC Radio 4, Ferguson said the data was in line with their expected results.

“ Whilst we are seeing cases actually plateau at the moment, and they may start edging up, mortality, death and hospitalizations are still going down, maybe they will tick up a little bit next month but only within manageable levels and so that puts us in a very good position to be keeping to the government road map; relaxing some restrictions in a couple of weeks time and many more in June,” he said.

UK and America have rolled out the vaccination programme and have since started allowing vaccinated people to walk around and attend gatherings of few people without wearing a mask.

The UK data which was released over a week ago depicts that if one is vaccinated they were less likely to contact the virus as well as spread the virus.

However, epidemiologists said the was still a risk of vaccines being less effective in the face of variants and it could still lead a major third wave in the upcoming seasons.

The possibility is very high as the new variant have in part fueled a surge in India, where Covid-19 has claimed at least 21 5000 lives.

Distressing images of families begging for hospital beds and live saving supplies have been emerging for more than 10 days while morgues and crematoriums remain overwhelmed.

The World Health Organisation helping India fight this third variant by providing vaccines, oxygen and they even re-deployed 2 600 staff.


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