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Two Immigration Officials Up For Extortion


By Staff Reporter

Two immigration officers were on Wednesday dragged to court for extortion after they were allegedly found in possession of immigration permits application papers that had been reported missing.

It is alleged the complainant, Malaicha Company ordered Nimesh to apply for work a permit in 2020.

The court heard he applied at the Immigration Office but was told that his papers were missing.

It is said the complainant received a call from the first accused person, Artwell Seramani who told him he was the one responsible for processing the work permits and that he should come through if he wanted his papers to be processed.

Seramani invited the complainant to his place of residence and asked for US$4000 to start the process but said that he should pay US$2.500 upfront and the remainder would be paid when the work was done.

The complainant paid the the money and suspected that he was being extorted and that Seramani was responsible for his missing papers at the immigration offices.

On May 3, 2021,it is said Seramani phoned the complainant and told him that the work had been done and demanded US$1.800 since he had taken long to collect them.

It was then when the complainant reported to the police and a team of four police set a trap.
On the day of payment, Seramani said he was not around and sent the second accused person, Nation Machaya to collect the money and when he was handed the money and gave work permits to the complainant, the police arrested him.

Seramani was arrested when he came to collect the money from Machaya.

Robert Tapfumaneyi


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