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Tormented Soul: Rejection Leads Man To Become Musician



By Elizabeth Nyaguyo



The atmosphere is calm with clear skies, punctuated by the late July afternoon chill, but commotion and chaos at the famous Fourth Street Bus termini in Harare tells a story that of everyone preoccupied by their business and are not deterred by the cold.



In the midst of the muddling crowd, a loner is roaming up and down the termini and seemingly talk to himself.




His friend, an acoustic guitar hanged across his shoulder.




From a distance, one could easily observe the middle-age-life man was troubled inside.




When this reporter approached the man to ask about whether he registered to vote or not, the man who identified himself as Hartson Nguri poured out his soul. He started narrating his ordeal.



In 2010, while on his death bed, 58-year-old Nguri could not believe what was happening to him. His world was crumbling and he went into depression.



The rejection by his wife led him to discover talent that he never knew existed.
Nguri said that he was not a musician before but he started after his wife ran away from him the time he was sick and he was using a small home-made guitar.



“I started singing just after my wife ran away from me when I was sick. Initially I was using a home-made guitar made of olivine oil container,” he said.



He said music became his medicine and a lullaby as he was going through a dark moment in his life.




“l usually played the guitar during the night when everyone was asleep. I realized that stress is a disease, so music and playing the guitar helped me relax,” he added.



As he narrated his story, he also revealed that his relatives thought that he was mentally disturbed and did not believe he had turned into a musician.



For the second time, Nguri felt rejected.



“Until now most of my family members do not believe that I am now an artist, they think my situation damaged me mentally.”




“I have no support from my family members because they all think that I am mad. But I love them all the same.”



He released his first album in 2010 just after his wife left him.




The album is titled Makatiza and speaks about his situation where he was left dying on a death bed.




Nguri vowed to continue composing and recording songs that speak on heartbreaks, adding that he will only consider other subjects when women transform and stop cheating.




“I will start composing and singing on other subjects when women stop cheating and dumping their husbands due to situation,” he said.





The artist said his wish is to meet established artists that inspire him such as Alick Macheso.


Robert Tapfumaneyi