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Top 100 Leaders in Transportation Award Adds Our Very Own Native Zimbabwean to the Great Automotive World Stage


Senior Business Reporter


ZIMBABWEAN serial-entrepreneur, artist and technology aficionado Devine Mafa recently received Global Honors for being a Top 100 World Innovator at the International Transportation and Automotive Summit (ITAS) Annual Conference in Las Vegas Nevada.


It was Mafa’s Beluga Super-Car, styled after the lovable, social & graceful whale, that garnered for his venture Hende Moto, newly acquired by USA MicroCap MAXD, joining the best technology designers on the world stage as the Top 100 Leaders in Transportation and Automotive Award.


“Wow, I love this crowd,” said an elated Devine Mafa while peering excitedly at the award and then addressing a very enthusiastic audience of automotive industry big shots.


“I’m really honored to receive this amazing acknowledgement of groundbreaking innovation and the hard work by our team that it took to get us here in six short months. And you probably all deserve it as much as I do, or maybe even more, but I’m sure glad they gave it to me so if you all don’t mind, I’ll just hang on to it… but seriously folks, I want to dedicate this monumental achievement to the Zimbabwean Heart and Soul and to Greg Halpern of MAX-D who absolutely believed in the Pride of Our Nation and the great spirit of our people.”


USA MicroCap Public Company MAX-D (http://MAXD.Audio) refers to the San Diego, California based technology company run by global activist Greg Halpern, who has a four-decade history of bringing new innovations to market and returning thousands of percent of rapid gains to dreamers everywhere.


“I’m here because Devine has a tremendous vision for the coolest Supercar ever built,” said MAX-D CEO Greg Halpern. “I told him we want you to focus on your Beluga Whale Supercar, because of your spectacular design talent and explanation of the highly evolved socially and fast and powerful Beluga Mammal.”


Mafa could be seen all throughout the ITAS Awards Show and Lectures as a new darling of several industry leaders and according to MAXD CEO Halpern the epic reception we received at the year’s big event should ensure the great economic success of not only the venture, but the wealth and recognition for a majority of Zimbabweans this year and well beyond.


Hende Supercars such as the Beluga are expected to be the almost immediate beneficiary of epic licensing opportunities that began to unfold at the event, according to Halpern.


“This will lead to the opportunities to have Zimbabwe’s brilliant minds participate at a high level in the current and future evolution of the most important technologies that improve humanity not only our amazing innovations in Self-Driving cars but in the rapid and significant growth in our stock to provide massive wealth for most of the Zimbabwe citizens who make modest investments to support such ventures of their great country to participate in their self-recognition of the most evolved people who are also the most pure of heart.”

“When people see these wild, beautiful, advanced limited-edition Supercars this year, and in future years, it’s our goal that we become the automotive designer known for the best innovations created in the brilliant minds of our very own Zimbabweans,” said Mafa.

Robert Tapfumaneyi