Today’s Woman: Florence Mudzingwa

Florence Mudzingwa
Florence Mudzingwa

By Hellen Venganayi

#25th woman I am celebrating is Florence Mudzingwa who is a digital marketer and life coach.

She is also a disability activist who is standing up for the girls with disability to have the same opportunities as everyone. Florence is the founder of Hope Resurrect Trust which aims at empowering the girl child living with disability because they are more marginalized.

Her vision is to change the perception of society that disabled people have the same potential as everyone.

She wishes to motivate people with disabilities to be independent and help them discover who they want to be.

Society always view people with disability as victims who are always looking for help when in reality they want to be recognized and be accepted.

Florence wants everyone to know that persons with disability are just as capable of doing anything especially in the modern world of technology.

Florence says she was inspired to start a Trust from the motivation and moral support she got from her family as she few up. She built a lot of confidence because she was not treated differently from other people.

The Trust is seeking to empower the girl child with a disability to fully realize her potential and move away from the charity model which society views disability in.

She chose to work with girls because being a woman with a disability she understand the challenges fellow women with a disability face in society.

Through Hope Resurrect Trust, Florence has helped to equip girls with disability with skills, equipment and confidence to make their way in the world, despite their gender and disabilities.

She is a web designer, top flight executive secretarial consultant and a Certified professional counsellor and Life Coach, amongst her numerous achievements.

She was certified as life coach in November 2020 at the 5th International Coaching and Mentoring Annual Awards (ICMAA) hosted by International Coaching and Mentoring Foundation (ICMF).

Florence is also a speaker at different platforms.

In fact, I got to know about her work when she was one of the speakers at a recent virtual event organised by Shamwari Yemwanasikana to commemorate International Women’s Day.

Flo, I celebrate your work and the impact you are making to make women and girls with disabilities realise their self-worth and promoting their economic empowerment.

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