This Is Not NeHanda


By Dr Chibs

This is Charwe one of the MEDIUMS of Nehanda. So who was Nehanda Red question mark ornament,

The original Nehanda was Nyamhita, the daughter of the first Monomatapa Mutota, who was living in the escarpment north of Guruve in about 1430.

Mutota was the founder of the Mutapa state and had a son called Matope who later became the second Monomatapa.

Matope was Nyamhita’s younger half brother, and to increase his power Mutota’s son performed a sexual intercourse ritual of incest with his tete Nyamhita ( Nehanda).

This incest ritual was believed to have resulted in the increase of Matope’s rule and empire. Matope handed over a part of his empire to Nehanda who became so powerful and well known that her spirit lived on in the human bodies of various spirit mediums… until almost 500 years later when it was believed to occupy the body of Charwe.

We are celebrating a spirit that did such vile things for power and fame, erecting it in the middle of the capital city, kneel to it and think it will help out fortunes

Mbuya Charwe and Kaguvi where both hanged but seems Charwe is more regarded why? The spirit that was upon her is a symbol of doing anything for power and influence. They believe the spirit helps one to gain influence and power.


Robert Tapfumaneyi