They Had Learned Nothing and Forgotten Nothing

Zim Police-Officers

By Zimbabwe Peace Project
They had learned nothing and forgotten nothing from the lockdown initiated in March 2020.
This is evidenced by the dominance of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) on the list of human rights violators of the month of January.
ZRP accounted for 45.05 percent of the 271 human rights violations in January, up from 22.61 in December, while the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) contributed to 26.07 percent of human rights violations, compared to 7.9 percent last month.
The police and the army are on the frontline of enforcing the lockdown and while doing that, they have harassed, assaulted and illegally detained citizens.
ZPP documented 101 cases of harassment, 44 cases of assault, and 19 unlawful arrests, most of which are attributable to the enforcement of the lockdown regulations.
It is on this basis that January was a false start to 2021, a year that was hoped to provide a break from the turmoil of 2020

Zim Police-Officers

Robert Tapfumaneyi

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