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The Woman Factor Will Determine 2023 Election


By Prophet Advocate Joshua

I thank you all. The millions who have supported my ministry to this stage, you are amazing souls.

My prayers are with you always. Our following which has tremendously increased over the years, and the many souls that have been won to Christ are heartily prayed for day in and day out.
I love this country, l love Zimbabwe.

The Lord blessed it and continues to bless it.

The fissures that characterise it in our time cannot take away the blessing bestowed upon it by the Lord.

I appeared sometime in 2020. In that appearance l told you the election result for 2023.
I reserved my right as a prophet to delve into finer detail about that election.

I was checking my youtube channel and saw that that appearance now has thousands and thousands of views.

Everyone has watched my election prophecy. It is in the public dormain now.

Many have subscribed to that *Prophet Advocate Joshua* youtube channel for updates on that prophecy and in awe of the messages that God gives us daily.

If you look closely, the way l delivered that prophecy is similar to how l have always announced election results before. Just that when l appeared this time around l was not in a church service live.

This time around, l was the one to record. Almost all the other times l have been recorded by other people who are careful not to miss what l say.

I always laugh when l receive calls from abroad, including some of the countries that l didn’t know exist questioning us about the next election results.

In my mind l will be saying, “If only Christians knew what authority they carry to know the future they would pray better”.

How can people pray so well yet miss the nitty gritties about the future? Are there no seers among them?

If people are to carefully consider the authority they wield as children of God they can better prepare for tomorow before tomorrow comes.

God does not want you to be clueless. He wants you to know when danger is coming. He equally wants you to know about the good that should befall you.

I always sound an alarm. I love sounding the alarm, l love its sound and the ensuing experience of the aftermath.

It is in the aftermath that l can properly measure the depth of God’s word and his accuracy in giving us information.

I always blow the trumpet.

Why people are swayed in almost every direction is because they do not know the truth. We have many ignorant people in our world today – no matter how educated they are.

It is funny how political parties are clueless. And, even after you give them an instruction, they fall into the same pit that you spoke about!

At times it’s even the winners who are not aware how they won the election. They may not be in the know.

I have no hope to become a politician, even if l was to be invited to be president. I would not enjoy any other office than my God-given one of seership.

It is good when you can hear him say the truth. When you can hear him talk about it, that which everyone still hasn’t figured out. He whispers it to you.

This coming election is going to be determined by 4 forces which l am going to talk about later. I am not delving on the election result, l have already told you. You know it.

I am here to prophesy about the process. The structure, the procedure.

My hope in unpacking this is that those who pray about the prophecy may know the exact words to say and the correct prayer points.

I saw a *WOMAN*. She is one of the 4 forces.

You see, the *woman factor* cannot be over emphasised in the next election.

If anyone sees in the spirit then they have to arrive at that conclusion: *the woman element* will be an ingridient that will catapult the winners to victory in the next election.

I have so many people who come to me telling me about people who become angry and emotional about prophecies that are not in their favor.

So, instead of acting in time, they become emotional and try to attack our ministry. They always fail. Not because they deserve to fail but because they will be fighting an ordained ministration.

How do you fight a God who warns you? A God who advises you who gives you information.

There is still time. *A woman*, never under estimate that woman. I can see her now. I have not spoken to her.

I monitor her, eager to see that which my God says will occur.

When people play football, *the formation* of the opponent must be known, it determines the outcome in most instances.

If your coach does not know that formation, he cannot make necessary adjustments to avoid defeat.

I want you to follow this closely at times l will try to use riddles so that l do not create an unfair advantage over other political parties in the race.

The *race has begun* – open your eyes. The future is now.

If he come and tells me a thing that l have not said l will come and say it.

If he reverses his earlier pronouncements, l will share with you. I have no interest in the election.

Those sons of mine close to me will know this: l do not even go to vote when its election time.

In the last election they joined me. They didnt vote. I told them “How do l vote for something l know will not work or will work without my vote and when l have already announced the results?”

I have never voted my entire life, l also do not wish to.

Mine is to investigate spiritually, and give wise counsel.

And congratulate winners when they win. And comfort those on the receiving end encouraging them on ways and means to *better their strategy*.

I tell you this, the race has begun. It is fresh in my face. I am watching.

The spiritual transactions that are happening now are enough evidence. If you strategise as a *team* and see that we are unstable now, the best way to maximise on your potential is by *examining your opponent*.

What is their strength? At times instead of fighting your opponent, you have to examine *a woman*. See her mastery.

Master the woman. She may be the decider. While everybody else is holding machetes and swords the opponent will just rest because the woman has honorably presented herself and established a firm foundation for them.

It is not always going to be about might, especially now. Sometimes it is about the “weak” elements in the team.

You master the woman coming to you also and see if she is not sent. She may insist on coming to you.

These “weak elements” can cause a fatal blow.

I have clung to a verse which says;

“A worthy *WIFE* is a crown for her husband, but a disgraceful *WOMAN* is like a cancer in his bones” Proverbs 12:4

Do you see the contribution of the woman?

Can you tell if the war is going to be won on account of the contribution of a woman?

Do you have discernment to see the extent and depth of the contribution? Can you sit down as leaders and strategise with that in mind or you go guns out as though ignorant of the strategy of your opponent?

I have seen how the political parties the world over score own goals because they hearken to their senses and not their God.

Adam was not careful in handling the *woman issue* and fell into sin. He had such authority that he named all the animals without going to school or being given clues as to their names yet he failed *in managing the woman issue*.

How great people fail to notice *a woman*. She can cause your downfall in her toil day and night.

“A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands” Proverbs 14:1

You must take this prophecy and put it in your private closet and wait as the future unfolds. Even after delivering it like this, we are going to have foolish people blaming me saying “why did he not say it before time?”. But this is the second prophecy l am giving way before time, l am unpacking the election.

At times l pray that God blesses political parties with actual seers, but since these are rare in our time l pray that God gives them dreamers who can interpret a thing accurately.

If a man is to drive a mercedes benz after marriage, he must be able to understand that it may be the grace cast on the wife and the prayers of the wife that have enabled him to be elevated to that level.

Any foolish mistake of dismissing that woman from his life may cause his demise and loss of status. Now l am talking to the opponent in order to balance the equation. I am fair in my approach.

Do you know one of your winning tickets? Can you see?

I would love to talk about national football. However, l desist from that for now.
I am so keen on talking about it. It is something l spoke about many years ago. It is not new.

Pray that Zimbabwe becomes a soccer power house. I spoke about this many years ago, l see it fulfilled. That time is approaching, l see it coming.

I do not intend on swaying your attention. Focus on this issue: *the woman*.

The woman is already a *hot topic* if you see in the spirit, you can tell how much of a hot topic she is.

I shall re-appear to you talking about the football prophecy, a re-cap since l spoke about it years ago.

Can l revert to my next coffee cup?


Keep it for the future
Forewarned, forearmed!

Robert Tapfumaneyi