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The Plight Of The Intersex Children Demands Our Overdue Attention: PHUGENI

Ron Zuze


Ron Zuze


The rights enshrined in the Constitution accrue to all Zimbabweans without regard for gender, ethnicity and race amongst other considerations.



In this regard, I am firmly focusing my attention on the plight of intersex children that are born amongst us. The children that are born with this condition are normally subjected to unfair …



Thank you, Madam President. I am reading the last part. The plight of the intersex children demands our overdue attention.



The forced so-called corrective surgery is not only cruel but inhumane and outright evil.



These surgeries have a lasting and damaging impact upon these precious souls that most of them end up committing suicide or end up with permanent physical and mental trauma.



The text said, stand at the cross-roads and look, ask for the ancient parts, ask where the good way is and walk in it and you will find rest to your souls but you said we will not walk.


Let it not be said of Zimbabwe but you said we will not walk in it. Thank you, Madam President.

Robert Tapfumaneyi