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Thabo Mbeki

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The Strategic Dialogue Group (SDG) notes, with deep concern, the wanton destruction of public and private property as well as grave threats to the security of the person to which we are witness especially in KwaZulu-Natal and parts of Gauteng Provinces.

These acts of violence are a well organised counter-revolutionary offensive against the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) by elements of the old order in cahoots with some within the ranks of the democratic movement. Following swift intervention by the police for transgression of COVID-19 regulations outside the Estcourt Correctional Centre last week, the methods quickly morphed into the current mayhem, starting with the burning of trucks and other economic assets.

It was only a matter of time before the looting of shops began. Undoubtedly, the looting is also exacerbated by our country’s high levels of poverty, unemployment and inequality. Now the mainstay of public discourse, South Africa’s pressing socio-economic conditions have now provided the counter-revolution with a convenient cover to hide from public scrutiny.

But we need look no further than last night’s looting of the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) to see the third force counter-revolutionary presence in what is going on.

In what way does jeopardising the blood bank advance anyone’s cause except those in whose interests it is for South Africa to fail?

These forces seek to undermine the rule of law, the authority of the State and to communicate a negative message of a fragile state well on its way to full blown failure. This would, in turn, create a free for all atmosphere where the State co-governs with any non-state actor which masters sufficient capacity to upend the normal course of life.

If this were allowed to succeed, South Africa would be no different from a Narco-state where state institutions are beholden to the power and wealth of the illegal drug trade.

The beneficiaries would be a tiny elite which owes its status to its capacity to unleash low-intensity intimidation and sporadic acts of violence while the living conditions of the working class and the poor deteriorate further.

More immediately, the State would have absolutely no capacity to bring those responsible for the treasonous crime of state capture to book.

It is for this reason that the SDG believes that our law enforcement agencies should do everything in their power urgently to stop the counter-revolution in its tracks. We also welcome President Cyril Ramaphosa’s deployment of the South African National Defence
Force to support the response of the South African Police Service. We urge greater co-ordination within the Security Cluster ministries, departments and the government more broadly.

It is common knowledge that there are people who have been openly inciting acts of violence and criminality through, amongst others, social media platforms. We call on the National Prosecuting Authority to prefer charges against these people.

It is absolutely imperative that the ANC and the government speak with one voice.

Throughout the length and breadth of the country, provincial and local governments ought to commence with processes to engage with the people, business, labour, community, traditional, religious, cultural leaders and others in a common national effort to defeat the counter-revolution.

As the just deceased American composer and pianist, Frederic Rzewski, said in 1975: “The People United Will Never Be Defeated!” The people of South Africa will never be defeated!

They can and will defeat the counter-revolution.

About the SDG: The SDG is a collective of ANC activists who were mostly leaders of student and youth organisations in the late 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s. It aims to contribute to improving the capacity of the state to achieve the aspirations of the national democratic revolution.

Issued by the Strategic Dialogue Group
For more info: Prof Billy Ramokgopa Cell: +27 82 564 6169


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