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Love & Scandals

The Late AKA Failed To Qualify For Heaven: Madungwe


By Elizabeth Nyaguyo

A controversial prophet Talent Heavenly Army Commander Madungwe said rethat a South African rapper Kiernan ‘AKA Jarryd Forbes who has recently passed on has been denied to enter heaven due to his sins.




AKA was been shot dead some days ago at one of the restaurants in the eastern city of Durban.




In an interview with Sly Media Tv, Madungwe said that it is his job to report the whereabouts of the dead people especially those who were prominent like AKA.




“I am here to tell the people where AKA is right now because I want to clarify on the posts that people are making that AKA is in heaven that is a lie, he has failed to qualify for heaven because of his sins they did not please God.





“He was also denied that automatic heavenly entry it means he did not work for Heaven during his time on earth and very sorry for that and this is the message to you all that you can have money or material things here on earth but if you fail to make God happy you will go straight to hell,” he said.



He went on to say that, people should not be stingy they should work for themselves as well as God because death will come any time.






“AKA was the best singer and you woke up hearing the news of his death and he has never worked for God but only for himself when I tell people to repent and bring their cars to God they think that I am mentally unstable but this will help you when you die.






“When we preached about giving cars and houses, he was alive but he ignored it like many of you but if he gave us one car, he could have been in heaven today and now he has left the cars and all the wealth.






“Now it seems as if AKA has worked for nothing his entire life but if only, he knew he could have banked his things and he would have them in heaven,” said Madungwe.

He said that people should not judge him because no one knows if he is just a prophet or God himself.





“I just want to tell people that they should stop regarding me as someone who is mentally unstable when I preach the word of God because no one knows if I am human or I am God himself.





“If you don’t believe in the word I give to the people better keep quiet and do what God want give me your car because at the end God will tell you that I come and you ignored me when you ask when he will tell you that Madungwe was me so be careful,” he said.


Robert Tapfumaneyi