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The July Moyo Pump Scandal: New Dispensation: New Corruption Temba Mliswa

Temba Mliswa

By Temba Mliswa

In a scenario where corruption has become a pandemic cutting across state institutions, a real anti-corruption drive starts at the top sweeping off all the culprits, not the bottom scrapping small fish. The July Moyo pump scandal is a test of our sincerity to defeat corruption.


As Local Govt Minister July is not interested in traffic lights or anything not benefitting him. He has appointed Paul Kruger as a consultant& the same Kruger is then used as a contractor for the work that he would have been consulted about. Like seriously!


This is clearly a conflict of interests. Even in shona We say n’anga haizvirapi. How do you have an examiner turning into a student?



So, in short, all the work that Paul Kruger is doing at City Council he is the one who would have identified the problem as a so-called consultant and then his company is given the jobs without going to tender.


The pumps issue smells to the high heavens. It’s just a scandal and if there is a forensic investigation on Kruger’s works you will discover even more scandalous http://contracts.Is this what the new dispensation is about?


It’s proper that as a business person Kruger should make a profit but if he is being given a special exemption from participating in a tender process then he should not fleece the government.


@ZACConline should send its investigators to City Council and demand to see all the jobs that Kruger is doing, how he got the jobs and investigate his competitiveness. Let’s put an end to this nonsense.


Council was last year allegedly allocated devolution funds worth $83 million for various projects that time and when July saw that he then devised a plan to get it all. So he came up with the pumps issue.


So, part of @matandamoyo ‘s probe should focus on this $83 million devolution budget which was diverted to Kruger. They should check with the Ministry of Finance the dates that the money was transferred into Kruger’s account and the regularisation of the papers and invoices.


Did City Council see the bill of quantities and who generated the purchase order in the City?



I challenge investigative authorities to follow this through and see if they will not unearth massive corruption. @ZANUPF_Official must deal with this if it wants to be taken seriously as fighting corruption.


The Pomona deal that July later pushed for Nguwaya was meant to appease and court favour with certain people so as to deflect attention from his own corrupt shenanigans. But even that we shall go into it again.

Robert Tapfumaneyi