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Love & Scandals

The Cult Of The Devil Destroyed My Family: Melissa Madyirapanze


By Elizabeth Nyaguyo


A 25-year-old Melissa Madyirapanze shocked her relatives recently when she confessed that she has been a member of Satanism for the past 7 years




Melissa said a combination of factors led her to join the cult after being lure by friend at the age of 16.



The friend according to Melisa was never short of cash and used to pamper her with gifts.




In an interview with Sly Media, Madyirapanze said that now that she has decided to come out in open and share the dreaded 7-year life secret, the next step in her life was that she was going to die and it was not an option for her surviving family members to forgive her or not.



“Whether they forgive me or not I am going to die, because it is a rule that is in our satanic world that anyone go against the rules should be killed and share the information publicly will die,” Melissa said.



“I think I am doing justice to my family by telling them the root cause of their problems, whether they will forgive me or not I don’t care because I can die anytime soon.”



“It is an obvious thing that if one shares the truth about the satanic world that person will die.”



“I saw some of our members dying after reviewing the truth about being involved in the satanism.”



“Some of the diseases that killed our members are slight headaches, flue but at times you can see our leaders in a vision stabbing you to death and that will be the end of your world.


“The leaders can kill you because they will be saying we cannot lose the whole group because of a single member who have decided to go against the rules of the cult.”



Melissa went on to say that their satanic group consist of so many people from different countries including renowned pastors from Zimbabwe.




“Our group consist of so many Zimbabweans mostly pastors that I cannot mention here for their privacy but we always held meetings with them in Dubai because all they want is power to use in churches,”




“If I meet someone in the street, I can easily identify that this one of our members, but I cannot greet them so as to maintain their privacy.”



She vowed that she is not sure if she can return back to Dubai after she reviewed the truth, and has started counting her days on earth.


Robert Tapfumaneyi