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The $10 PSL Joke Sucks


By Makomborero Gold Mutimukulu

The challenge we have in Zimbabwe is the cancer of soccer administrators who are so terribly out of touch with what is happening on the ground.



That, coupled with a media that shies away from calling out sheer buffoonery, gives rise to a situation where nonsense is justified.



One nonsensical move is the decision to peg Castle Premier Soccer League matches at US$10.



Look the PSL is our brand, the only one we can authoritatively speak on.



We love it, we are patriotic.
But at its best it’s not a $10 product.
Touting it at $5 is a tough ask already.



Our league gives you football matches to watch not a match day experience!



Why should one part with pay $10 or its official exchange rate to watch teams that cannot string together five passes, players who cannot put their free kicks on target and coaches who say “my boys played according to instruction after every match”?



The cheapest DSTV package is US$8 and yet you expect a right thinking person to pay $2 more to partake a match between Tenax and Herentals?



Occupying offices at the PSL is not a matter of warming chairs and pretending to look important on match days.



It’s about applying your mind at how best you can galvanise the country into following the local league in the face of stiff competition from other leagues and sports betting.



Is this mileage that Farai Jere , the PSL chairman, promised Delta Beverages when the League sponsorship deal was consummated in the capital a few months ago?


Long before the first kick off whistle has been blown the fans are saying they will not be part of this party and the yet the league is mum as if nothing is happening.



Right now pane chirikutoti “haaa $10 haina kunyanya vanhu vanojaira as time goes on.”
Well I have got news for you – mukujairira vanhu, administering local football like your tuckshop and getting paid for it.



Every circus has a time for curtains and at this rate we are not very far from that moment for some dubious characters in Zimbabwean football.


Pasi nema $10!
Its Gold again!

Robert Tapfumaneyi