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Thank you, Mthwakazi For Heeding Call To Boycott Zimbabwe Independence Celebrations In Bulawayo




Mqondisi Moyo

MRP President.

The butcher of our people and his mercenaries from Harare were in Bulawayo on the 18th of April 2022 to celebrate the 42nd Zimbabwe independence.



He was accompanied by his Deputy and comrade-in crime Constantine Chiwenga whose Gukurahundi name was Dominic Chinenge, and other Zanu PF gangsters’ officials.



From the opposition side were Charlton Hwende from CCC; Lovemore Madhukhu the NCA President and POLAD member; Linda Masarira leader of LEAD Party, also a member of POLAD; Douglas Mwonzora of MDC Alliance and other notable CCC members of parliament and Councillors.



Bulawayo and Mthwakazi people rejected the invitation by Emerson Mnangagwa to the independence celebrations with MRP arguing that celebrating the so called independence was tantamount to celebrating the genocide of 1983 to 1987 which was orchestrated by Mnangagwa, Constantine Chiwenga, Sydney Sekeramai, Robert Mugabe, Perence Shiri and others.



It is common knowledge that Zanu pf bussed its supporters from the ten provinces of Zimbabwe with most of them coming from Mashonaland. Some were members of the Joint Operations Command (JOC), an organ representing the military, ZRP, CIO, Prison Services, CID, PISI and Judiciary Services.



Additionally, in desperation for a bigger crowd Mnangagwa also bussed in some churches that are affiliated to his party as well as many school children, all these were already in the stadium between 7am and 10am. Some of the attendees were disrupted from their daily vending chores and force marched to the stadium.



May I take this opportunity to also thank Mthwakazi hardliners who were seated at the Soweto bay who never stopped singing songs that denounced Emerson Mnangagwa, reminding him that he murdered our people during Gukurahundi. Songs like “izandla zakho zigcwele igazi labantu bakithi”, Lingamashona lalibulala obaba, into eliyenzayo siyayizonda, were sung resulting in Mnangagwa cutting short his greeting to “Soweto ‚Äúpeople.



Further impact was getting Mnangagwa and his forced supporters leaving the stadium without watching the match between Highlanders and Dynamos – a match which Amahlolanyama won- in frustration.



The message was clear: that the restoration agenda is taking root and, therefore, deceiving our people it’s no longer that easy.




ZBC Television 8pm news edition of 21 April 2022 featured Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa thanking the opposition for attending the so-called Independence celebrations. He said that was a sign of unity of purpose between Zanu pf and the opposition political parties.



I want to put it categorically clear that, those were not opposition political parties because all of them are Harare and Shona led parties which are complimenting ZANU PF efforts to take over Mthwakazi. The CCC, MDC A to Z, NCA, and LEAD were present and are all Shona parties which are direct beneficiaries of Gukurahundi. Yes, they are the direct beneficiaries of the Zanu Pf Shona Grandplan of 1979 and Code xxx by MDC and CCC.



To us there were tourists who came all the way from Mashonaland to cement or confirm their Shona hegemony over us. There was no way the so-called opposition could share the stage with Emerson Mnangagwa whom they claim to have rigged 2018 elections, rendering his presidency illegitimate.



This only confirms that Shonas are truly independent and that they are united against us, whereas as Mthwakazi people, we are still yet to be independent.




In his Independence speech at Barbourfields stadium Mnangagwa recognised Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi their spirit mediums and the so called liberation struggle heroes but he could not recognize King Mzilikazi and King Lobhengula considering the fact that they were in the territory of our Kings and Queens, and that it was Lobhengula who was first to resist and fiercely fight European imperialism.




Surprisingly, Mnangagwa did not utter a word in recognition of the late Founding Nationalist Joshua Nkomo and his mighty ZPRA cadres, considering that he and Mashonaland people are riding on the military prowess of the mighty ZPRA and Zapu. Ever since Emerson Mnangagwa came to power through the 2017 millitary coup, he has never recognised Joshua Nkomo and the likes of Lookout Masuku, Jason Ziyaphapha Moyo, George Silundika, Alfred Nikita Mangena , Sydney Donald Malunga, Thenjiwe Lesabe, Ackim Ndlovu, David Sharpshoot Moyo, NJini Ntutha, Swazini Ndlovu and many more, because according to him and his Shona kinsmen, all these were dissidents.



One would have expected him to recognise and appreciate them as he was at their homeland. But alas, his obsession with spirit mediums made him talk about Shona witches Nehanda and Kaguvi.



Drawing on his claims that he was leading a second Republic and a new dispensation, we expected him to tell the world who the perpetrators of the Genocide were, also given that it was the first independence celebration ever to be held in Bulawayo in 42 years. There was no way Emerson Mnangagwa could narrate about Mabuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi and the liberation struggle and fail to talk about the Genocide which is still new as it happened after the liberation war.




He prided in 42 years of Independence, yet pretending as if the five years of Genocide were nothing important. Why was he silent about that period to which Robert Mugabe referred to as a moment of madness, though he fell short of specifying who was mad between the perpetrators and the victims of Gukurahundi. Not to be outdone in Davos, Emerson Mnangagwa said when asked by a journalist about Gukurahundi “Let bygones be bygones”, meaning the Genocide they perpetrated was of little value to them, not worth attending to.




We expected Emerson Mnangagwa to tell us why they relocated the industries to Harare; why our land is being parceled to his Mashonaland people; why 80% of our mines are in the hands of Shona people; why in all our schools there is a high proportion of Shona teachers from the ECD; why all Government departments in Mthwakazi are dominated by Shona civil servants; why all our Police stations are dominated by Shonas.




We hoped Emerson Mnangagwa would talk about their Grandplan against Ndebele people as this is their rule book that they follow in oppressing us. We expected Emerson Mnangagwa to repeat his words he uttered in Chitungwiza on the 23rd of March 2022 where he was addressing his supporters and threatened to shorten the days of my life, the party and of all those who want self-determination. In as far as we are concerned, saying these words in Chitungwiza was wrong; the audience was wrong. Instead, the right audience and place were Mthwakazi people, here in Mthwakazi.



Moreover, Emerson Mnangagwa should have repeated his claim that his great grandfather served under King Mzilikazi army. He would then tell us why he decided to turn against us, the offspring of the people whom his grandfather served. He would explain why he is chief among those who hate Mthwakazi people to the extent of instituting a genocide against us.



My special thanks and gratitude to all our people, Mthwakazi is no longer the same. MRP is bringing the lost hope to its people. We are determined to fight hard for our total independence. We are determined to fight for our economic emancipation. We are committed to restore our culture in our diversity as Mthwakazi people. It is my special reminder that Mthwakazi is made up of around 13 tribes namely: Sotho, Vhenda, BaKalanga, Tonga, Nambya, Xhosa, Tswana, Chewa, Birwa, San, Nguni, Lozwi, Abashangwe, our own Mthwakazi white people and coloureds. With us there is no majority or superior tribe. We are rainbow nation.



I want to make it clear that when it comes to oppressing our people Shonas coalesce as CCC, NCA, MDCs, Lead saw it fit to unite with the murderers of our people in Bulawayo to celebrate independence. Actually, to me they came to celebrate their independence and dominance over us. They openly said that it was for the first time in 42 years that the national celebrations were held in Bulawayo, so to CCC and others they were part of record breaking and history making because they had never publicly or openly attended the celebrations. Participating in the recent celebrations says it all: these were unique.



I also take this opportunity to thank all Mthwakazi people for realising that we are on our own in this fight.



MRP For Peace and Justice in our Lifetime.



Sisonke Sibambene SinguMthwakazi Sesikulungisa.

Nothing for us without us.

Mqondisi Moyo
MRP President.


Robert Tapfumaneyi