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Temba Mliswa is HIV- :Susan Mutami

Susan Mutami
Susan Mutami

By Shorai Murwira

Susan Mutami, the estranged girlfriend to the Independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has praised him of his HIV negative status.

Mutami, a social media outspoken said this in an arguement with other users and she said,

“Temba Mliswa is HIV negative. Handina kana kumbobatwa sick/ STI. Kana bacterial infection zvayo.”

This came after social media users have accused her of sleeping around and have kids, asking if she is not scared of SITs.

She argued that she respects her body and do not sleep around and that Mliswa, who is the father of her unborn twins is HIV free.

“Do you really think I have 30 baby daddy’s. I had HIV tests done with Temba and recently for the twins at the hospital and I’m good. I don’t sleep with anything that moves. That was a relationship and not a one-night stand.”

Susan was responding to one follower who asked “Hamutyi AIDS ere tete. Mune zviwindi dii ka.”

Responding to another question “You had a kid with Kazembe, and now you are carrying twins for Temba …. Nhai mwari baba”

“Handizvariswe na Kazembe inini, if I wanted him, I could have had him. we met in business class on his way to Dubai on Emirates sometime in 2018 but he’s not my type. I was w my son at the time. I’m not attracted to such,” Susan wrote back.

Susan Mutami had a busy day responding to her decision to sue the Home Affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe.

“Of-course I’m suing him, the next time I open my mouth ichava nhoroondo. How insensitive to refuse a 4-year- old child use of his puffer who suffers from chronic asthma. I will take him to the cleaners. ICHAVA NHOROONDO. Batai mazwi”

“Let me tell u something, I’m not under any secrecy act w anyone saka tichapedzerana zvakanaka. They traumatized my child for life. He’s only 4 years old.”

“Not even zvese bho they actually feel sorry for me and my son. I deal w civilized people who understand the word DEMOCRACY very well. In-fact a lot of doors have opened for me ever since this incident happened.”
“I will take them to the cleaners this time. The abuse on innocent citizens ends with me.”

“It’s Kazembe Kazembe wekudanwa na Mai Mugabe pa rally. Iyeye chaiye na Isaac Moyo. I don’t like people who want to make me fight my legal guardian yet it’s them that were cruel to his muzukuru. He didn’t know anything about that detention”

Handityiswe ne vanhu pa keyboard inini. They are actually creating problems for @edmnangagwa . Siya zvakadaro
I don’t play when it comes to my child. U know I can’t have a situation where by I fight w my legal guardian yet he didn’t know anything abt that illegal detention. Sekuru loves his grandson and the last straw was denying my son use of his puffer.

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