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Tapfumaneyi Released Two Singles





By Elizabeth Nyaguyo

Age is just a number for Sly Media Tv director Silvester Taurayi Tapfumaneyi is making waves on different social media platforms after releasing two singles at the age of 56.




Tapfumaneyi is a budding Chimurenga gospel artist who recently released two singles titled Dai Ndakaziya and Dzaingova Hope.







In an interview with Sly Media TV,Tapfumaneyi said that he is not an upcoming artist since he started writing songs in 1995.





“I started writing my songs in 1995 they are very old, I think my latest song in my file of music is 15 years old and they are in a file.



“I have been filing my songs and this file contains more than 25 songs which means I did not start now but I just lacked the courage to sing because I doubted my voice if it’s good for music.





“It was also difficult for me to find a studio that could produce the quality sound that I wanted, involving mbira and guitars.





“l tried so many studios but still it was difficult for me because they were no able to produce what I wanted until I made up my mind and engaged Mono Mukundu,” he said.






“When it comes to songwriting there is a voice that I hear singing for me and I will be repeating the same lines and I will be hearing some instruments relating to the song.





“This voice will be correcting my mistakes until I perfect my song that is how I write my songs.





“That’s how I ended up singing Chimurenga gospel because of the spiritual transference of songs into my mind and heart, also I like Thomas Mapfumo, Feli Nandi, Oliver Mtukudzi, and Mbeu,” he added.






He went on to say that despite his line of music being different from what many people sing, he hopes that one day many people will be singing Chimurenga gospel.




“There are few people who sing Chimurenga gospel but this is how Zimdancehall started in Zimbabwe but look now it has many artists,” said Tapfumaneyi.







Tapfumaneyi promised fire for fire to his fans as he is working on the videos of his singles.



“We are working on videos and l am certain that we will be done on the 3rd of November this year and we hope that by that day we will be done and dusted.






“These videos will be available on different social media platforms like Youtube and other channels such as ZBC.





“All I want is for my fans to support me and I will give you nothing but the best plus I have found a professional producer Mono Mukundu ” he said.



He added that he has taken a step back when it comes to his profession in the Media.




“I can safely say I have taken a back seat because I have downloaded my vision to my colleagues that I work with who are experienced and who have been in the media for 20 years.




“Now I am just supervising how my colleagues are doing the work and where are we going with the vision and I will be doing research on how we can remain a prominent online television,” he said.


Robert Tapfumaneyi