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Soul Jah Love’s ‘secret lover’ speaks out

Geraldine Baye Claims Soul Jah Love

Soul Jah Love's 'Secret Lover' Geraldine Baye

Facebook pictures by Baye
Geraldine Baye Claims Soul Jah Love                       
By Ruvarashe Dhliwayo

Harare based woman Geraldine Baye is once again at the centre of controversy following a post yesterday on her Facebook page were she claimed she was in a secret relationship with the late Zimdancehall artist Soul Jah Love.

Soul Jah Love passed away on Tuesday at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Harare and has since been declared a Liberation hero.
On her page, Baye, recounts moments of thier alleged secret affair.
“This is all am left with… Memories… You didn’t have to go like that…. Together times to be cherished…. We were so private and so happy no one knew about us, we protected each other,  we did not let anyone in our home stories,” she wrote.
“You did not want anyone to know about us, at first it made me feel some typer way till you showed me the bigger picture you were protecting us and it worked#hokoso….you sang Kunyangwe Mukadaro for me and Ndiani anonzi Sauro(so funny how Ndiani anonzi Sauro was composed)and Murwere wepfungwa,you couldn’t wait to get home so you could play the recorded version…Court days wer the hardest for us…Takashorwa asi maitiro avo Mwari kukomborera pakashoreka.
Baye chronicles how when some people after learning about their relationship had turned their backs on them.
“Everyone turned their backs on us but that’s what made us strong, people always questioned our relationship but we still chose and because we were all we had for each other we grew closer by the day and some days were hard but our beautiful moments were more,” she wrote.
Baye relives moments when the youthful chanter who was diabetic had fallen sick and she had nursed him.
“Sometimes you would get sick in the middle of the night and you would completely refuse to go to the hospital ohh that really annoyed me,” she wrote.
Geraldine went on to express how she would miss the chanter  ”What hurt me the most worst wer Fridays and Saturdays, because we would spend the wholeday okay but get sugar attacks from 18.00 and start regaining strength around 23.30 that part of our lives was the worst,the next morning boom Jahlove IS A FAILURE” she narrates and says good-bye
”Kunyangwe vakati muri benzi muri benzi rangu.l come in peace.RIP my Soulmate..” writes Baye
Baye’s post has torched a storm on Facebook with users questioning her claims.
Baye is not new to controversy having made waves on social media in 2015, after leaked WhatsApp chats and audio messages with a friend went viral on how she had used human feaces to trap her then lover Ishmael Matyenyika.
In the chats, Baye confessed to her friend how after consulting a certain Sekuru in Chitungwiza she had been advised to mix human feaces with her lover’s sperm in a bottle which was to be thrown on a crossroad.
This was so her lover could leave his wife for her.
Silvester Tapfumaneyi