Sikhala ‘Mocks’ ED For Being Old


By Tendai Mukaro

MDC Alliance vice chairperson Job Sikhala Monday torched a storm following a post on his twitter account in which he alluded that President Emerson Mnangagwa was not part of his age group therefore he was not useful to young generations as he could not meet their needs.

Better known as Wiwa in political circles, Sikhala said given the age gap between President Mnangagwa and him, the former could not make plans regarding his future.

Sikhala accused President Mnangagwa of being manipulative.

“Mnangagwa is 78 years old and I am 48,” read part of the tweet.

“He is exactly 30 years older than me.

“For anyone of my generation to think that Mnangagwa will think for the future of those of my age and generations below is foolishness. His ideal world is that of coercion, manipulation and heroe worshipping.”

The tweet attracted criticism with some followers accusing him of baseless accusations.

Below are some of the comments on the tweet.

Jimaz: “I’m 28 you are 48 should I think the same about you?”

T Domboshava:”Age alone cannot be a defining characteristic.”

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