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‘Shut Up Mutarisi’: ZANU PF MP Mugwadi Tells Businessman




By Tafadzwa Mugwadi


To my bro. T Mutarisi 1. I come in peace but I shld opine that from face value, a clear observation of your trends on social media clearly shows you cld be brooding for needless confrontations.





Our Gvt has promoted all forms of business, local & foreign thru deliberate policies aimed at creating an enabling environment for business to thrive.






To then single out electricity challenges as if they were targeted on u/ that they are unique to Zim alone in light of known variables affecting electricity availability is literal dishonesty.




That said our Gvt has produced a Masiyiwa, the Mashwedes, the Mudiwas, the Sakundas, the bankers u name them & houses top global firms like the John Derres of this world without incident nevermind their beliefs, real or perceived.



Why wld u think in this class, u are the hilltop that shld be targeted? While individually, entrepreneurs put effort to grow their businesses, let us not desecrate the creators of the environment by unprovoked innuendos.



Some modicum of decency and respect will do

Robert Tapfumaneyi