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Crime & Courts

Sex in the Bush With A Married Woman Man Dragged To Court




By Elizabeth Nyaguyo


A Musana man, Robert Mbofana, was dragged his neighbor Kenneth Chirwa to Chief Musana’s traditional court for having sex with his wife in a bush.









Mbofana told the court that Chirwa must pay him for having sex with his wife in a secluded area behind his back.




“I am not happy with what Chirwa did l caught him red-handed in a bush with my wife when they were having a good time together.

Chirwa ran away with my wife’s shoe and left his shoes behind.

My wife disguised as if she was going to fetch water, yet it was a deal for them to meet and have a good time together.

Chirwa is my neighbour, but I did not know he would do such a thing to me and my family one day. I want him to pay for disrespecting me,” he said.





Chirwa denied the fact that he was caught having sex with Mbofana’s wife in a bush.





“I don’t know what Mbofana is saying. What I know is that I asked his wife something to do with some people who wanted to buy beans and nothing more.

They are grudges between Mbofana and l; I think he is using that against me.These are all lies,” he said.





Mbofana’s wife could not want to waste the court’s time she then went straight and told the court that Chirwa was her ‘fling’ Chikomba.





“This man here is my lover (chikomba). we have been dating for some time and had sex more than 10 times.




My husband is telling the truth Chirwa, and l had sex in a bush on my way to the well to fetch water,” she said.




Chief Musana ruled that Chirwa should pay 3 cows as a fine for having an extramarital affair with Mbofana’s wife.


Robert Tapfumaneyi