Second Republic Will Not Stop Destroying Your Tuckshops in Harare

demolition at mbudzi


By Tafadzwa Muguti Provincial Development Coordinator Harare Metropolitan Province

I would like to applaud our security services and all the stakeholders who have helped the government in carrying out our successful operation in Harare Metropolitan Province today.

This operation is aimed at clamping down on illegal activities that has been carried out in Harare Metropolitan Province.

Today’s launch of the operation was a success. Residents must take note that the second republic is not stopping at nothing.

We are now getting into the next phase of our operation.

This phase will target all those who constructed illegal durawall, backyard cottages & tuckshops in their yards.

This services as a notice to remove such as our team will be visiting all locations to check if they are complying with laws of the land.

You have up 72 hours to peacefully remove your items to avoid the full wrath of the law.

We call upon residents to respect and observe the laws of the land as they will be no sacred cows in restoring order.

Your cooperation will be much appreciated.

Tafadzwa Muguti Provincial Development Coordinator Harare Metropolitan Province

Monday Hundreds of informal traders who had built shacks and shelters on road verges and the sides of the roads in Harare Metropolitan province had their structures demolished.

Municipal police officers from Harare, Chitungwiza and Ruwa led the demolition while Zimbabwe Republic Police stood by watching closely to deter any violence.

Aat Mbudzi roundabout yesterday afternoon, Harare City Council staff were busy demolishing all illegal structures along Masvingo Road and nearby places with those affected expressing mixed feelings over the exercise, first complaining that there were no areas legally set aside for their businesses and some alleging that they had paid bribes to staff who were not delivering.

Mbuzi is one of the most congested points in Harare and is slated for emergency work that will allow traffic to flow better and so ameliorate the congestion while the long-term solution of a flyover is planned, financed and  built.

The situation was the same in Chitungwiza where council staff started destroying the illegal structures in the morning.

Robert Tapfumaneyi


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