Prophetess Oracle Using Padlock To ‘lock’ Cheating Husbands

By Tafadzwa Mutsotso
Self-proclaimed prophetess Alima Blessing popularly known as Prophetess Oracle has explained how she uses a padlock key to deliver people from afflictions and to lock people who commit adultery in marriages.
The practise of locking partners has been talked  about openly for years and for some it is a myth, a mere legend used to threaten unfaithful partners to stop cheating on their partners.
However for some it is real and rarely has such acts been known to have been orchestrated by servants of God.
With many prophets using anointing oil and water to deliver and heal people, Prophetess Oracle claimed God bestowed upon her the power to use padlock keys to heal and unlock people’s destinies as well as to lock married people who practice infidelity.
Speaking during a live broadcasting of Sly Media TV, Prophetess Oracle said padlock keys were commonly used in witchcraft to lock peoples lives in bondages and these include financial bondages, marriage bondages,
barrenness, delays, procrastinations and stagnant.
“You might have heard this from somewhere or you could be tired of your situation, but listen I am a supreme prophetess of God,” she said.
“He sent me to change the lives of people using this padlock key especially those women who are facing problems in their marriages.
“Maybe your husband is cheating on you and there is nothing to enjoy in your marriage because he now enjoys doing it outside, I am here to help you lock that manhood.”
Prophetess Oracle said the padlock could also be used to unlock spiritual gifts.
“As you know a padlock is used for locking and unlocking,” she said.
“It can be used for unlocking your spiritual gifts be it finances, marriages, fruit of womb, permits and any other things that are stagnant in your life.
“However, just as it is used to lock your breakthroughs I can also use it to lock your partner’s manhood that it will take a nap whenever he wants to cheat on you and it will only function on your matrimonial bed.”
Prophetess Oracle vowed to stop at nothing in achieving her mission on delivering people from various bondages.
She said misfortunes were as a result of chains that were locked in people’s lives.
Robert Tapfumaneyi


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