Prophet Magaya’s Confession: Failed To Deliver TB Joshua’s Last Request





By Tendai Mukaro

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder prophet Walter Magaya said he had secured two elephants, a Zebra and two giraffes which had been requested by his late spiritual father TB Joshua as a birthday present.

Prophet Magaya said the late Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua had tasked him to secure these animals for him (TB Joshua) as he wanted to open a zoo in Lagos.

Prophet Magaya however he was denied visas for the animals to transport them to Nigeria when prophet TB Joshua was still alive.

Prophet Magaya said this during a televised church service.

“On 6 May I did wake up, I do not know how I was not holding my phone, and there were a lot of missed calls, I responded the next day and he gave me a request, he said to me I want you here but I want you to bring something and I said what is it father and he said do not fail to come, I want to open a zoo in Lagos so buy me two elephants,one Zebra and two giraffes,and I said let me do it father,” said Prophet Magaya.

“I went all my way, I went to the parks, did whatever I could, secured the animals and I was so excited because I was giving him what he wanted, then I went to the visa company and said I want to transport something to Lagos and they said for now we are just doing STR, humanitarian and diplomatic visas only, those going for work and diplomatic assignments, we are not yet open for other business and tourist visas, we will keep you updated since we have just received a new ambassador and the Nigerian embassy is not doing visas now.

“What pained me the most is that the only thing he requested dearly I failed to deliver it.”

TB Joshua was a prominent televangelist from Nigeria who died at the age of 57 and he was a spiritual father to numerous Pentecostal evangelists worldwide including Prophet Magaya.


Robert Tapfumaneyi


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