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Prophet Chiwenga is CIO: Brother Howard


By Tendai Mukaro

Prominent ZANU PF critic, Brother Howard Nyoni has labelled Prophet Talent Chiwenga an agent of the State who was practicing what he openly criticizes which is fleecing money from his congregants.

Nyoni expressed his sentiments on social media through a video on his channel following Prophet Chiwenga’s May 2 message in which he addressed his followers about a building project the church was embarking on.

In his message Prophet Chiwenga called on willing believers to participate in raising $1200 each from May 2 to November 30.

“We are not going to give you the sweet nothing promises that you may have been used to when you used to attend false shrines, we will never do that,” said Prophet Chiwenga.

“I will not tell you how much we are intending to raise for other reasons which might be obvious to others but not so obviously to some.

“We will raise $1200 each until the end of the year.”

Nyoni reminded Prophet Chiwenga of his messages in which he attacked other men of the cloth who demanded money from believers and labelled them ‘imbwa’ and ‘makava.’

“He has been saying Makandiwa, Utawashe, Magaya makava but, now he has changed his tune, why?” he asked.
Nyoni then labeled Prophet Chiwenga an agent of the State.

“He is a CIO,” he said.

“This guy has been involved in accident after accident, scandal after scandal, scolding Mnangagwa after Chiwenga after ministers and after scolding everyone and now here is the question, do you do that in Zimbabwe and live?” he asked.

“Chiwenga and Tinashe Jonasi are ZANUPF projects or plantations raised by the system to confuse people.

“No true opposition member in Zimbabwe will stand against Mnangagwa and live, but this boy no one is arresting or questioning him.”

Robert Tapfumaneyi