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Prophet Angel A Soulless Wizard: Apostle Chiwenga


By Tendai Mukaro

Prominent, self-proclaimed Prophet, Apostle Chiwenga, known for blasting fellow men of the cloth and discrediting the Government, has attacked Prophet Eubert Angels who was recently appointed Presidential envoy and labelled him a ‘tall, shameless and soulless wizard.’

Apostle Chiwenga was responding to a video by Prophet Java where he attacked Apostle Chiwenga.

“It makes me feel embarrassed when people list names of Men of God, servants of God or Prophets and they put my name alongside names of sorcerers like a tall shameless and soulless wizard Eubert Angels,” he said.

“I have no personal vendetta with these guys but if he mentions the name of God, I have a spiritual obligation to respond to anybody who says anything in the name of God.

“Some few days ago this shameless, loud, poor squirrel, called Passion who is very broke; he is only a loud squirrel, a loud mere cat and he was cursing me.

“He was dressed like a masquerade; he was saying I cannot buy a shirt worth one thousand dollars.

“It is shameful that we have such people as well talking about Good with shamelessness.”

Apostle Chiwenga said Prophet Passion who had never been employed was a conman and Prophet Angel’s puppet.

“In as far as God is concerned you are a non-entity,” he said.

” People Eubert Angels, Makandiwa, Passion Java cannot talk to me about the Bible.

“I can give them 12-year olds from my Church.

” I have two questions to Java and the first one is when was money discovered in the World?

“Was it discovered three years ago when he ran away from Zimbabwe because he conned people of their assets?”.

“People who have never been employed in their entire life who do not know how to read the payslip walk around the whole country provoking everyone claiming that they make money.”

Apostle Chiwenga claimed Prophet Java hero worshipped Prophet Angel as he was the one who assisted him and introduced him to America through his connections.

“Twabam is being used by Angels that is why he attacked and cursed me after I said Eubert Angels lied,” he said.

“This squirrel is Angel’s puppy as it is Eubert Angels who introduced him to America.”

Meanwhile, Apostle Chiwenga is running an advocacy month from April 1 to May 1 with the hashtag chiwengalifematters under #zimbabwelivesmatters banner.

The advocacy month is intended to fight for the life and rights of Apostle Chiwenga who claimed his life was in danger.

Robert Tapfumaneyi