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Popular Prophet Shot Dead In Church With Bible In His Hands


The Prophetess said she had no idea where the gunshots came from because it was raining.


She went to see what was going on and saw her fellow prophet lying on the floor.




The 58-year-old prophetess revealed she didn’t know how she’d get over the murder of her colleague that happened last Thursday, 26 August.


She said two men came to her prayer room at St Johns Church in Vlei, Samora Machel and asked for help. She wanted to pray for them but they allegedly insisted that they wanted to be helped by her colleague, Sakhekile Ntshoza (27), who was not available at the time.



“They said they heard that he was very good so they wanted him,” she said.


She said the men waited for an hour for Sakhekile.



“They acted like people who needed help. They said they were from Du Noon.”



She said one of the men wore beads on his head, which made her think he may have a sangoma calling or he was already a sangoma.


When Sakhekile arrived he went to change into his church uniform and went into the prayer room with the two men. Sakhekile had a Bible in his hand.


“He said he didn’t know the men but believed they were referred by someone else, and he did not have a problem helping them,” she said.


A few minutes later she heard gunshots but she couldn’t tell where they came from as it was raining. Then some kids told her the shots came from the prayer room and two men seen fleeing.


When she entered, she saw Sakhekile’s body lying on the TV stand that was in the prayer room, with blood all over his Bible.


The prophetess is devastated because Sakhekile was a sweet young man who never fought with people.


“I don’t know how I’ll get over this. If I hadn’t told those men to wait, perhaps Sakhekile would be alive today,” she said.


Sakhekile’s devastated girlfriend Lwando Lali said: “He was a person who didn’t want fights.We stayed together and he never told me about his life being in danger.”


His mum (44), who lives in Kosovo, said: “I don’t know why they killed him. On the fateful day he visited us since he was staying in Vlei. His phone battery had died and he charged it here at home, and that’s when he saw some missed calls from his colleague and he called back. He was told that some people wanted his help. As a family we are shattered.”


Police spokesman Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi confirmed the incident.


“The circumstances surrounding a shooting incident that took place last Thursday at about 4pm in Samora Machel is under investigation. Anyone with information is urged to call 08600 10111,” he said.

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